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Risk of Getting Pregnant After 35 and Ways to Overcome

You might have heard about the fact that women who get pregnant between 20 to ’30s are a good age for the baby and the mother itself. But once she crosses her age of 35 years then complications may erupt. You might want to speak with a private gynaecologist on the same who can guide […]

How To Deal with Morning Sickness During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey for every woman who once wanted to be a mother and wanted to nourish her child with the goodness of life. though pregnancy makes women beautiful and enriches their overall persona, however, there is a major factor that comes along with being pregnant, and all the gynaecologists in London agree it’s […]

6 Symptoms You Should Visit A Gynaecologist Immediately

More often, women face certain issues with their body, which require immediate medical attention. It is better to diagnose these issues and get them treated at the early stages itself, as prolonging with the issue only increases the pain and suffering, further deteriorating the condition. A gynaecologist is a qualified medical professional with specialization in […]

Some Useful Tips For Choosing The Best Private Gynaecologist

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she needs to visit the gynaecologist. It could be for a routine health checkup or for a particular problem, which demands medical attention. A general search will reveal that there are many qualified gynaecologists in your vicinity. In fact, their sheer number can make your quest […]

Helpful Tips To Manage High Risk Pregnancy

Having a baby is not an easy task. A woman has to go through a lot in order to bear a baby. Not all pregnancies are smooth and easy and some are really tough to manage. These are those high-risk pregnancies that involve a lot of issues. Doctors refer to these pregnancies as high-risk pregnancies […]

Things To Know For Your Daughter’s Gynaecologist Visit 

Your daughter has become a teenager now and you notice certain changes in her body. You might be wondering whether it’s time yet to let her start seeing the gynaecologist. As recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG), it is the ideal time for girls between 13 and 15 to start visiting […]

Important things that one must discuss with your gynaecologist

Many women feel that an open discussion with the gynaecologist is something that is uncomfortable and thus should preferably be avoided. This kind of thinking originates mainly because, since childhood, women are taught to keep silent about their period and other health-related problems. It is also a taboo to discuss sex and intimacy openly. This […]

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Private Gynaecologist During Pregnancy

There are several big private gynaecology clinics in London. However, some are more exclusive clinics of leading private gynaecologists. In London, women usually prefer visiting private clinics under one doctor like Dr. Nilesh Agarwal’s Well Woman Clinic. These specialists only attend to a few patients at a time and provide women with very complicated healthcare […]