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What kind of Specialist help in Menopause Healthcare?

A private gynaecologist like Dr. Nilesh Agarwal ,offers care plan for woman who may be starting the menopause, or have already been through the menopause, and want to ensure you are staying well. Menopause can bring on a lot of unanswered questions and Dr. Nilesh Agarwal would be keen to support you through this phase of life. So if you are near your menopause and feel stressed about it then it’s time to see a specialist who can assist you with menopause in well women clinic as it can solve all your gynae issues and provide essential gynaecological services.

Menopause Health Checks for Your Wellbeing

A menopause health check include:

  Consultation + abdominal and pelvic examination
  BMI and blood pressure assessment
  Cervical smear test

Blood tests including

  Thyroid function test
  Fasting blood glucose
  Vitamin D levels
  Fasting lipid (cholesterol) profile
  CA125 (ovarian cancer screen)