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How To Deal with Morning Sickness During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey for every woman who once wanted to be a mother and wanted to nourish her child with the goodness of life. though pregnancy makes women beautiful and enriches their overall persona, however, there is a major factor that comes along with being pregnant, and all the gynaecologists in London agree it’s one of the very obvious symptoms found in all pregnant women.

Well, it’s one of the common symptoms that all pregnant women experience, but still, for some women, it doesn’t last for a very long time during their pregnancy, while for others, it does come as only the worst part of being pregnant. Because this morning sickness doesn’t only occur in the morning, women can experience this sickness of nausea and vomiting any time of the day. Very unfortunate that some women experience this during their entire pregnancy period, and that stops them from enjoying this beautiful journey of nourishment and care where they want to eat and sleep and do things as they please.

While it has been mentioned that morning sickness occurs often, let’s go through some pointers that can help a pregnant lady deal with this Morning sickness better. 

Myths related to morning sickness – People often say that because due to hormonal changes, women experience stress and anxiety that results in morning sickness, but the London gynaecology clinic says that such a myth hasn’t been proven scientifically.

Reasons for Morning sickness- There can be other reasons as well, but some of these have been most obvious Hormonal imbalance, Blood pressure fluctuation (mostly low blood pressure)

Baby and Morning sickness – there have been proven studies that prove that nausea and vomiting are not going to harm your baby as the baby is going to be protected in the amniotic sac, but continuous nausea and vomiting might impact the nutritional needs of the baby. 

How to Deal Morning Sickness During Pregnancy?

Handling Morning Sickness– You might consider taking the following steps if you are experiencing morning sickness during your pregnancy:

  • Must eat something as you wake up like digestive biscuits or crackers before getting up from the bed 
  • Avoid all medication other than prescribed by your gynaecologist 
  • Say absolute no to skipping meals rather, convert your everyday intake into frequent meals
  • If possible, avoid preparing or cooking food as the smell of food does induce nausea during pregnancy
  • Stay hydrated is the key; if you are unable to hold on to a glass of water, try making lemonade or add mint leaves in your drinking water or sip on juices, whichever you like; another simple solution is you can nibble on icecubes 
  • Try acupuncture or acupressure on your wrist; it helps 
  • Rest as much as possible as moving can make morning sickness worst 
  • Take your gynaecologist’s advice and ask for vitamin b6 supplements, as they can help 
  • Your outfits should not be body-hugging and try to wear loose clothes 

Doctors’ advice is whether it mandate or not for Morning sickness 

It’s always a good idea to seek your gynaecologist’s advice as and when possible, but if you are experiencing extreme discomfort and nausea and vomiting are not normal, then connect with your doctor on priority. If you experience any of the following, let’s, say the presence of blood when you vomit, if you are unable to keep up with fluids intake and nausea doesn’t seem to be stopping, fatigue which doesn’t seem to be normal, very dark yellow urine and weight loss then these are the red flags, and you must seek your Doc’s advice immediately.

Although these symptoms are fairly superfluous and do not necessarily happen to be experienced by every pregnant lady still, you must keep a check and be aware of the symptoms. So, if you happen to be having these symptoms or any discomfort during your pregnancy, your best bet is to take advice from a private gynaecology clinic in London like no other than a doc can explain you better and help you overcome such issues.

Pregnancy could be difficult as you are growing and nourishing a whole other life in your body but do not ignore yourself as well in the process. You must take of yourself along with your baby. As everyone says, the happier you be, the happier the baby will be. Seeking advice from other pregnant mommy friends or friends who have been through the journey can be helpful as well as long as it doesn’t include any medications. 


So now, while you are embarking on your pregnancy journey, be aware that you are taking off your baby and yourself. Being healthier and happy is the goal while keeping your Gynaecologists advice and medications on top of your mind. Enjoy yours once in a lifetime of experience. Visit Well Women for health check up in London

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