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Important things that one must discuss with your gynaecologist

Many women feel that an open discussion with the gynaecologist is something that is uncomfortable and thus should preferably be avoided. This kind of thinking originates mainly because, since childhood, women are taught to keep silent about their period and other health-related problems. It is also a taboo to discuss sex and intimacy openly. This is why many women suffer in silence when they can talk to their gynaecologists and get a way out. There are many uncomfortable, yet absolutely crucial areas that one should consult her gynaecologist about and some of those points are mentioned below.

Things that one must discuss with your gynaecologist

Talk about your period:

When you are consulting a gynaecologist London, you should talk about your period. Getting a period is a normal thing for women. However, if you face unbearable pain or excessive bleeding or irregular period, then you should be talking to your gynaecologist. She will be able to evaluate your situation and prescribe you medicine if necessary. Women often ignore problems related to the period, and that ends up in disastrous situations. Having an irregular period or high blood flow might be an indication of some other internal disease. This is why it is essential to consult your gynaecologist about your period.

Discuss your vaginal odor:

This can be another uncomfortable topic to discuss in private gynaecology clinic in London. However, it is extremely important to talk about it. If you find there is a fishy or foul smell, and it is persisting for several days, then you should consult your gynaecologist. Such smells often point towards a vaginal infection, and avoiding this indication can be to be quite dangerous for you. If there is even a slight difference in the way, you smell you should talk to your gynaecologist.

Talk if it hurts during intercourse:

Many women face the problem of pain during intercourse. However, most of them ignore this problem as natural. However, if the pain is too much, then you should consult your gynaecologist. It may happen that you are not aroused enough during intercourse, and you need more foreplay. But there might be some other diseases present as well; thus, you need to talk to your doctor. Many women suffer from vaginal dryness during intercourse, which leads to painful sex. This is also a problem that should be discussed with the doctor. Women suffering from vaginal dryness might be low on oestrogen, and doctors often ask them to change their contraceptive pill or prescribe them vaginal oestrogen.

Consult your gynaecologist for urinary tract infection:

A urinary tract infection is excruciating and needs immediate attention. If you are facing any type of burning sensation in your urinary path or vagina, then you should consult your gynaecologist. She will be able to determine the cause of the problem and help you out.

Women should sign up for well-woman health check-ups to make sure they are taking enough care of themselves. The body of a woman goes through a lot, and it is extremely important to consult doctors regularly to keep it healthy and functioning.

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