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Why Sexual Health Checkup is Important for You?

A woman experiences a rapid change in her body, both physically and psychologically after she achieves puberty. A sexual health check-up is important as it checks the reproductive health of your reproductive organs and detects any kind of underlying conditions, which can cause problems later. These conditions are thoroughly examined and appropriate treatment is provided if required. Regular Sexual health checks can help detect and solve infertility issues. A general sexual health check for infertility includes an examination of genital skin, male testing, female testing, and blood tests.

Does your vagina hurt for no particular reason? Do you experience a peculiar smelly and white vaginal discharge followed by immense discomfort or itching in the vagina, which is not related to your heavy painful periods ? If yes, then you should consult a qualified private gynaecologist at the Well Women Clinic for vaginal swelling treatment or vaginal itching treatment in London.

How Well Woman Clinic Helps in Treating Vaginal Swelling, Discharge, Pain & Itching?

Vaginal pain can be a symptom of temporary problems, like an injury or an infection. Or sometimes, the pain can be chronic without any apparent reason.

As per our qualified private gynaecologist in London, yeast infection is one of the most common causes of vaginal pain. This infection results in an occasional white cottage cheese-like discharge from the vagina, along with a burning and itching sensation.

Approximately 76% of women develop a yeast infection in their vagina at a certain point in their life. So, you don’t need to panic, as this yeast infection is a common occurrence and can be treated with simple medication. You just need to visit the Well Women Clinic and consult a private gynaecologist for the right vaginal pain or itching treatment in London.

In case of chronic vaginal pain without any known reasons, our expert recommends detailed vaginal discharge testing and an ultrasound scan to establish the root cause of the problem. According to the results of the examination, he will then suggest an optimal plan for vaginal pain treatment in London.

Our comprehensive sexual health check-up includes:


Pelvic and abdominal examination

Examination for STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

Pelvic ultrasound scan

Blood tests – Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B&C

HPV testing and Cervical smear

So, relieve yourself from this pain and discomfort and visit the Well Women Clinic today.