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Heavy Period Pain Treatment Menorrhagia – Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Surgery in London

Do you dread your monthly periods? Does the menstruation pain render you bedridden? Then, you could be suffering from the problem of heavy painful periods. During a heavy period, you need to change your tampon or pad after less than 2 hours or you pass clots the size of a quarter or larger. If you have this type of bleeding, you should see our private gynaecologist at Well Women Clinic.

Heavy painful periods can result in making you feel anemic and lethargic, all of these are signs of a heavy period that one might ignore due to their work and responsibilities. But these need to be treated with guidance and care.

How Common are Heavy Painful Periods?

Almost 50% of women suffer from menorrhagia at some point in their lives Below are some common causes of menorrhagia:

  Uterine Fibroids


  Polycystic Ovaries

  Perimenopausal Changes

  Endometrial Hyperplasia

Period cramp relief Treatment in London

The Well Women Clinic provides comprehensive and reliable period pain treatment in London, after identifying the root cause of the problem. So, if you experience prolonged or abnormally heavy menstrual bleeding, or observe massive clots, then you must consult a private gynaecologist  at  Well Women Clinic. We also perform Laparoscopic Hysterectomy surgery in London to remove the uterus.

The private gynaecologist will:

1. Address these problems in a thorough manner

2. Suggest different tests to ascertain the source of the pain

3. Select the right plan from a host of period pain treatments

According to expert gynaecologists, heavy periods are a common occurrence. There is no need to panic if you are experiencing a similar situation.

Testing for Menorrhagia – Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Surgery in London

The test that gynaecologists recommend includes:

Blood Tests: This is done to examine your thyroid function and hemoglobin.

Ultrasound Scan: This helps them examine the environment of your womb or uterus.

Endometrial Biopsy: This test is suggested for women above 45 years of age.

Hysteroscopy: In this test, a camera is used to examine the uterus for abnormalities.

Few gynaecology clinics offer the above tests — the Well Women Clinic is one of them. With the help of these tests, we will ensure that you receive the right treatment for heavy painful periods.

Say no to painful periods and visit the Well Women Clinic today!