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Are You Pregnant? Know How A Gynaecologist Helps You Stay Safe During These COVID-19 Times

Finding out that you are pregnant could be one of the greatest joys of your life. But 2020 has been so bleak that it has put all the excitement on hold. It has added to the existing worry of pregnant women and turned their world around. While the pandemic has been scary for all of us, it has been particularly even scarier to old people and pregnant women.

Pregnancy is not an easy journey as it is. Along with it, it brings many women a barrage lot of health complications. There are times when their entire sleep and food cycle is compromised due to hormonal changes. Many women develop certain conditions during their pregnancy, which can be alarming for their immunity. Along with that, pregnancy during a pandemic does not sound like good news. So here are ways in which your private gynaecologist can help you stay safe.

Challenges pregnant women face during the pandemic

  1. Limited domestic help

Due to the pandemic and lockdown initiated in various countries, it became a challenge for pregnant women to find domestic help. Many pregnant women are advised by their private gynaecologist in London to take complete bed rest and avoid participating in any full-fledged household tasks during the first trimester. In such times, having domestic help would have been great.

  1. Ongoing health challenges

As per the record of the London gynaecology clinic, more than 50% of women experience health complications like hypertension, diabetes, etc. during their pregnancy. These complications can be controlled and managed with some medical help. Now, due to the lockdown, limited medical help was accessible, which made it difficult for women to seek help, even if they needed it.

  1. Limitations on regular health check-up

Even if a woman is healthy during pregnancy, it is imperative to go for a regular well woman health check up at a private gynaecology clinic in London to make sure the well-being of the woman and the baby. The lockdown brought a lot of limitations to it.

  1. Limitation on physical activity because of limited space in lockdown

Pregnant women are advised by a private gynaecologist to perform exercises that increase flexibility and strength of their pelvic muscles so that natural birth is easy for them. A lot of women prefer walking as one way of exercise but lockdown brought tremendous regulations on it.

Even though there are so many limitations put on how women would have liked to enjoy their pregnancy phase, private gynaecologists can make it a bit easier for them in the following ways.

Private gynaecologist London during the pandemic

  1. The private gynaecologist can arrange for timely health check-ups that are spaced out.

The gynaecologist can make sure that there are only a limited number of people in the waiting area and are extremely spaced out. Along with an efficient appointment system, they can also avoid overcrowding in the London gynaecology clinic, which would provide pregnant women with a comfortable experience. Patients can ask for an exact time slot and visit their gynaecologist during that time.

  1. You can request the London gynaecology clinic to provide you with home visits for check-ups.

Many clinics are now offering home visits. You have to book this visit in advance and there might be some extra charges for it as well. But these visits are a great option for people who would want to see their gynaecologist more frequently but do not feel safe visiting the clinic regularly.

  1. Gynaecologist London can arrange for online sessions to guide pregnant women during the pandemic.

It is possible to do some check-ups and health chats on online media platforms so that the private gynaecology clinic can arrange for sessions with patients for more steady support.

  1. Private gynaecology clinic London along with other professionals can provide allied help in the area of pregnancy and health.

For medical opinion regarding morbidities during pregnancy, online sessions and appointments can be arranged, which would help pregnant women during the pandemic immensely. If the need arises, they can surely take it ahead by visiting the clinic.

To know more about well woman health check up available during the pandemic, visit Well Women Clinic.

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