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6 Symptoms You Should Visit A Gynaecologist Immediately

More often, women face certain issues with their body, which require immediate medical attention. It is better to diagnose these issues and get them treated at the early stages itself, as prolonging with the issue only increases the pain and suffering, further deteriorating the condition.

A gynaecologist is a qualified medical professional with specialization in the female reproductive system. They know and understand the different issues that women experience. This is the reason why it is often recommended that women should visit a specialist private gynaecologist for any problems they experience in their body. So, let us check out the 6 main symptoms, which require the immediate attention of a private gynaecologist.

  1. Lumps in breast

Breasts are among the most tender regions of the female body. This also makes these areas more susceptible to the growth of lumps. People most commonly relate such lumps to cancer or breast cancer. In reality, however, the majority of these lumps are non-cancerous and benign. These non-cancerous, benign lumps form as a result of fibrous and glandular tissue. In medical terms, they are referred to as a fibroadenoma.

If you feel a lump in your breast and you do not know whether it is benign or cancerous, do not panic. Visit a private gynaecologist in London at the earliest and seek a proper diagnosis of the condition.

  1. Vaginitis

Most women experience different types of vaginal discharge during their lifespan. Some types of vaginal discharge are deemed normal while others are seen as symptoms of an underlying vaginal condition.

Vaginitis is a vaginal condition, which causes inflammation of the vagina, followed by a foul-smelling vaginal discharge pain and itching. Vaginitis is a bacterial infection occurring when there is an imbalance between the good and the bad bacteria inside the vagina.

Vaginitis is entirely curable with medicines. You must, however, visit a private gynaecologist in London immediately to seek better treatment options when the condition is still in its primary stage. Prolonging treatment will only worsen your suffering and the condition will take time to resolve.

  1. Abnormal bleeding

Women can experience abnormal bleeding due to a variety of physical and psychological reasons. Abnormal bleeding is usually identified as lengthier periods than usual, heavy bleeding during periods or bleeding in between two periods. Bleeding after menopause too is considered abnormal bleeding.

Most women view abnormal bleeding as a normal occurrence, but it is not. It is a sign of an underlying problem, which should be solved immediately. Therefore, if you happen to experience abnormal bleeding during your periods, you must immediately visit a private gynaecologist in London or an expert at a London gynaecology clinic that is equipped for its diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Irregular periods

Like abnormal bleeding, women could experience irregularities in their monthly cycle. The reasons for irregularities could range from being physical to psychological. In most cases, they happen due to hormonal imbalance inside the body.

However, irregular periods should never be overlooked or ignored for they do not show any immediate physical symptoms. Prolonged irregular periods could give rise to serious consequences. Therefore, you must visit a private gynaecologist at a London gynaecology clinic immediately if you are already experiencing irregular periods.

  1. Pain during urination

Pain during urination is often linked to infection in the urinary tract or the urinary tract infection. This type of pain often starts as a mild pain but graduates into severe pain during urination. You may experience sharp pain followed by difficulty in passing urine.

You should never ignore the early signs of pain or discomfort during urination. They may grow into major health conditions if ignored. The symptoms of the urinary tract infection include frequent urination, dark yellow urine, lower back pain and bleeding during urination. You must not ignore these symptoms. Instead, visit a gynaecologist in London at the earliest to seek proper treatment to completely heal the condition.

  1. Pain

Any kind of lower abdomen pain or pain in the pelvic region should not be ignored or taken lightly. Pain in the pelvic region could include severe menstrual cramps that stay for prolonged durations and affect your daily routine with sudden sharp, unexplained pain in your pelvic region. This kind of persistent pain is difficult to handle.

The pelvic region is the most important region of our body as it contains so many important organs. Therefore, pelvic pain could be caused due to a variety of reasons. More often, they are symptoms of an underlying health condition. That is why you should not ignore chronic pelvic pain and visit an expert at a private gynaecology clinic in London.

Any kind of pain or discomfort in the body should never be ignored for long, especially when they are occurring near the pelvic region of your body.

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