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Things To Know For Your Daughter’s Gynaecologist Visit 

Your daughter has become a teenager now and you notice certain changes in her body. You might be wondering whether it’s time yet to let her start seeing the gynaecologist. As recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG), it is the ideal time for girls between 13 and 15 to start visiting a private gynaecologist.

Why Should Your Daughter See a Gynaecologist While in Her Teens?

Right from the first years to a teenage period, young girls start showing up various physical changes and development. It is the growing stage when the body starts preparing for years to come, more specifically for her conceiving stages.

It is, therefore, important for your daughter to receive the right health care at the right time. It is also necessary for your daughter to learn about the reasons for each of her body changes to help her manage things more independently. Doctors recommend going for an early check-up to ensure that your daughter has good reproductive health.

Benefits of Visiting a Professional Gynaecologist

Your daughter is approaching the puberty period or is already experiencing it. Here are some factors why visiting a gynaecologist during this period is beneficial for your daughter’s well-being.

It helps your daughter to become self-confident.

Experiencing unexpected changes in her body, your daughter might even become puzzled or afraid. Having the support of a professional is probably the most crucial step towards developing the self-confidence of the girl as she will start handling things more maturely.

Developing a strong relationship between your daughter and gynaecologist.

Your daughter might not always find it comfortable to discuss everything with you. Talking with a gynaecologist will build a strong bonding between your daughter and her gynaecologist, which will help her to share more personal things in the years to come.

Discussing personal things.

Consulting a private gynaecologist in London will help your daughter discuss whether she has been sexually active recently or is planning to be in the coming days. She might also address any issues in her menstruation cycle. This will make her gynaecologist have a clear idea about certain issues and will come up with more specific or confidential solutions or advice.

Hidden issues might be addressed immediately.

It is essential to catch any minor issues that might be present during the early stages so that any possible threats of a problem turning into a serious complication can be controlled. So if your daughter is going through a heavy and painful period in her early stage then a gynaecologist can immediately help her with that.


It is also vital for your daughter to learn about the importance of having safe sex to prevent unwanted pregnancy or STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Her gynaecologist can also tell her about some healthy lifestyle tips. It is essential to help her realize the significance of leading a healthy life in a very cordial manner.

Even though most girls would not require to undergo a pelvic test in the initial days of the visit, an ideal private gynaecologist London will simply perform a regular health examination and discuss to the girl about various stages of development, especially during her teen years.

How to Encourage Your Daughter into Visiting the Gynaecologist?

Your daughter might initially feel embarrassed or nervous at the idea of seeing a gynaecologist, but it is your responsibility to make her realize the importance of such a visit.

  • Explain why your daughter needs to make the visit.
  • Clearly explain what should she expect from her gynaecologist.
  • Talk about the fears or issues she might be facing during her puberty period.

If you are confused about whom to consult, whether to go for a male or a female gynaecologist or which might be the best private gynaecology clinic in London, ask around and don’t hesitate to discuss this with your close ones. It is the matter of your daughter’s well being, and you have to find out a friendly and supportive gynaecologist in London.

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