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Risk of Getting Pregnant After 35 and Ways to Overcome

You might have heard about the fact that women who get pregnant between 20 to ’30s are a good age for the baby and the mother itself. But once she crosses her age of 35 years then complications may erupt. You might want to speak with a private gynaecologist on the same who can guide you further. If you are trying to conceive after 35 and thinking about your future, then there are a few things that you need to know about getting late pregnant in life. Remember that the biological clock is ticking, and it is important to be aware of the risks that may occur if you plan to connive after 35. 

Risk of Getting Pregnant After 35

  • Less Fertility:

It may take a long time for you to get pregnant. Always remember, you are born only with some number of eggs and as you reach your late 30s there are chances the quality and quantity of the eggs start decreasing. Also, the old women’s eggs are not that fertilized as compared to the young women’s eggs.

  • Multiple Pregnancies:

Yes, you have heard it right! There are chances that you may have a twin as your age grows. The reason simply could be the changes in the hormones that could release many eggs at the same time. The use of some reproductive technologies like vitro fertilization can also play a crucial role in it. At such time, it is always better to speak with private gynaecologist London and get their opinion on how things should be taken further.

  • Gestational Diabetes:

The chances of gestational diabetes can be high. Such diabetes type happens during the pregnancy when the women get older. This means, that if there is a good control on the blood sugar level with good physical activity and cut down on unnecessary calories then a change can be brought but overall, the person who is diagnosed with gestational diabetes is likely to have a baby grow more than the regular size which eventually increases the injuries that may happen during the delivery.

  • High Blood Pressure:

You are likely to have a high blood pressure risk during the pregnancy. That is when; you need to speak with the health care expert on how you should be dealing with the problem. They would monitor your BP and then advise you how the precautions need to be taken so that if you conceive the growth and development of the baby do not get affected.

  • Chromosome Abnormalities:

There is also high chromosome abnormalities risk like Down syndrome. This means babies who are born to old mothers may have a high risk of chromosome problems for which they may have to prepare their minds.

Other than this chance of stillbirth and miscarriage can be also and pre-existing medical conditions can increase the risk of fatal abnormalities too.

Ways to overcome Risk of Getting Pregnant After 35:

The very first thing you should be doing is to speak with private gynaecology clinic London that can help you with the right guidance. Make sure you tell the expert about your partner all healthy history. You both would have to undergo a few tests and the ovulation period and the heavy painful periods will be assessed for the initial months of planning, this way the doctor can suggest to you what precautionary measures needs to be done.

  • Better chances in lifestyle:

Whether it is your smoking habit, drinking habit or you rely too much on junk food, you need to follow a healthy diet. This means you need to focus on maintaining good health and keeping your body fit. Also, a regular workout should be done to keep your body physically active.

  • Watch out for your weight:

Your body if will conceive would be under much pressure since it has to take care of two lives at a time. One would be yours and the other would be of the baby. If you are underweight or not much nourished, then the doctor would prescribe a few medications. If you are overweight, then suggestions on the same would be provided. Make sure you focus on staying within the weight for better health of both the baby and you.

  • Deal with medical issues:

Whether it is heart disease, high BP, or diabetes, understand that such problems can cause issues for the baby and the mother. It is that is why important to speak with your doctor and get the current medication reviewed properly along with what all supplements need to be taken to the existing medical condition stays under control.


You must learn about healthy pregnancy tips and how to deal with the challenges that may come during pregnancy. But during this whole course do not stress yourself because it can also have an advised effect on your and the baby’s health.

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