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6 Signs to Visit Your Private Gynaecologist for Painful Sex

Painful sex is avoided at the first sign itself can be quite painful. It usually happens during or after the span of menopause which many women realize late. In medical terms, painful sex is called dyspareunia which is a cause of falling estragon level. Often women don’t take it seriously simply because they don’t consider […]

What Causes Painful Sex and How to Get Rid of It?

Women might experience pain or discomfort during or immediately after sexual intercourse. Many women experience some discomfort during their first vaginal sexual encounter. Because the symptoms vary, the number of women who feel pain during intercourse is unknown. In addition, neither doctors nor women are willing to talk openly about their sexual behaviours. This blog […]

5 Signs That Shows Your Chronic Pelvic Pain May Be Vulvodynia

If you’ve not heard of vulvodynia, you’re probably not alone. Vulvodynia is a condition that results in chronic vulvar pain, which also impacts your outer genitals and vaginal surrounding. It also refers to chronic discomfort and pain around the vulva, which doesn’t have an identifiable cause and lasts for at least three months. Other symptoms […]

7 Effective Strategies to Reduce Your Chronic Pelvic Pain

Here are the 7 useful strategies that can help you find relief from chronic pelvic pain. Effective Strategies to Reduce Your Chronic Pelvic Pain Breathing Exercise Proper breathing is important to maintain good health and effective pelvic pain treatment. Very often as we are wading through the intricacies in life we fail to breathe properly, […]

Yoga Poses that Helps to Reduce Pelvic Pain

Endometriosis is a reproductive health condition where the endometrium (the uterine lining) outgrows itself to outside the uterus. It commonly occurs in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, rectum, bladder, pelvis, and lower abdomen. Symptoms include severe menstrual cramps, pain during sexual intercourse, pain during bowel movements and ovulation, nerve pain, difficulty conceiving, and lower abdominal pain. […]

Why Severe Pelvic Pain Should Not Be Ignored

Our body responds to pain, such as burning, injury or freezing. It helps your body understand which actions and behaviours are detrimental to your health and safety and tells you that something might be wrong in your body. Though uncomfortable and often frustrating, debilitating pain hampers the quality of life. For example, women often experience […]

Things That You Should Share With Your Gynaecologist About Painful Sex

The very first thing that a private gynaecologist would tell you is that experiencing pain during the act of sex is actually not an imagined or made-up problem. Painful sex is a real medical phenomenon with several causes. The private gynaecologist at a private gynaecology clinic in London is a skilled medical practitioner who can […]

5 Important Symptoms That Women Should Never Ignore

Your health is your ultimate wealth. Therefore, you must take care of it as if it is your prized possession, especially if you are a woman. Because our bodies experience so many changes in our lifetime, we almost fail to monitor what changes are healthy and what is not. In this confusion, we ignore the […]

Reasons Why Sex Might Be Painful And Why You Should See A Doctor

According to private gynaecologists in London, it is quite common to experience pain during intercourse. Almost 3 out of 5 women experience pain during sex. However, different women experience different types of pain during sex. Some may experience pain during penetration while some may experience prolonged pain for a few days after the act. In […]

Effective Ways To Get Relief From Painful Sexual Experiences

Reasons or causes of painful sex Painful sex or pain during intercourse could be caused due to a variety of reasons. Therefore, it is important to identify the causes to find proper painful sex treatment. The major causes of painful sex are as follows: 1. Vaginismus This is defined as a painful condition wherein the […]