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Things That You Should Share With Your Gynaecologist About Painful Sex

The very first thing that a private gynaecologist would tell you is that experiencing pain during the act of sex is actually not an imagined or made-up problem. Painful sex is a real medical phenomenon with several causes. The private gynaecologist at a private gynaecology clinic in London is a skilled medical practitioner who can identify, help diagnose this phenomenon and provide proper treatment to prevent the occurrence of pain in the future.

Various reasons could lead to pain during intercourse. Conditions such as skin lesions, or infections can give rise to inflammation and even cause pain. Tearing or trauma to the vagina during childbirth could also be one of the reasons for experiencing residual pain during sex.

A few causes of pain could be anatomical as well. The bowel and the bladder touch your vagina, therefore, any kind of inflammation in any of these regions could cause pain to the vagina. Certain internal anatomical problems include endometriosis, ovarian mass or cyst, or uterine fibroids.

Endometriosis can be defined as a condition wherein the cells that form the inner lining of the uterus start growing outside the uterus. These tissues are responsive to hormonal activity inside the body, therefore, you could experience excessive bleeding as these tissues shred themselves off the uterus during your monthly periods. This could cause vaginal pain and inflammation.

Vaginal dryness is among the most predominant causes of pain during sex. This condition could be the result of some medicines or contraceptives, ageing, menopause or breastfeeding. A dry vagina is more prone to vaginal infections, like bacterial vaginosis, or yeast infection, which is caused by the overgrowth of a particular kind of fungi.

Mostly, the cause of vaginal pain can be felt or viewed by the gynaecologist during a preliminary examination, and further diagnosed to start the process of treatment.

Meeting the gynaecologist

Firstly you can seek proper and active painful sex treatment after a proper diagnosis from the private gynaecologist. The gynaecologist is a trained medical practitioner specialising in matters related to female reproductive anatomy. Therefore, you should plan to consult the gynaecologist if you are experiencing pain during intercourse.

Now, when you first meet a private gynaecologist, they would begin by asking you about your medical history, especially about the pain you experience during intercourse and the frequency of its occurrence. This is the best platform for you to open up about your condition with gynaecology. Remember the more open you are with your problems, the better solutions you would be able to procure.

After understanding your medical history, the gynaecologist will ask you about the acts which cause pain in the vagina, such as deep penetration or initial penetration, or overall general discomfort. You need to explain the source of your pain to allow a proper diagnosis and prognosis.

The gynaecologist will also talk to you about the health of your vagina, such as vaginal discharge, vaginal dryness, and ask questions to know about your personal hygiene. Finally, they will ask about your bowel and bladder issues, such as constipation and if you experience any pelvic pain or abdominal pain apart from the vaginal pain.

After thoroughly discussing your condition, the gynaecologist will then conduct a physical examination to check for signs of inflammation or skin lesions and feeling of any mass around the pelvis. They could also ask you to do an ultrasound for further diagnosis.

A thorough diagnosis if the condition is important to provide proper painful sex treatment. Therefore, based on the results of the examination the gynaecologist will recommend different treatment options. Women experience several unique issues with their reproductive health, and the gynaecologist is the right person to consult to find appropriate solutions.

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