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Reasons Why Sex Might Be Painful And Why You Should See A Doctor

According to private gynaecologists in London, it is quite common to experience pain during intercourse. Almost 3 out of 5 women experience pain during sex. However, different women experience different types of pain during sex. Some may experience pain during penetration while some may experience prolonged pain for a few days after the act. In this blog, we check on the different reasons that may cause painful sex in women and why they should visit a gynaecologist for pelvic pain treatment.

Vaginal injuries

Injuries caused to the vagina can also cause pain during sexual intercourse. Vaginal injuries may be caused during childbirth due to episiotomy or tears in the vagina that affects the vulva region. If you’ve given birth recently and you are experiencing dyspareunia, then you need to wait a little longer before indulging in sexual intercourse.

You need to allow time to your body and mind to heal before you indulge in sexual activity or else you may experience pain during sexual intercourse.


Women experience a lot of hormonal fluctuations as they age. These hormonal changes also affect the natural lubrication in the vagina. This lack of natural lubrication could dry out the vagina and make the walls thinner, which could make penetration painful during intercourse.


Vulvodynia is defined as a painful and chronic disorder wherein, the woman can experience burning, itching or a sensation or dryness in their vulva region. Sometimes, the experience could be a general feeling of soreness. But this condition could also make sex painful for women. In this case, women should seek proper painful sex treatment and pelvic pain treatment.

Vaginal Infections

Vaginitis or vaginal infections are also caused by pain during sex. Moreover, you may even notice a foul smell or an itching and burning sensation in your vagina. A vaginal infection can be of different types. They are:

  • Bacterial vaginosis

  • Chlamydia

  • Gonorrhoea

  • Allergic infection

  • Yeast infection

  • Viral vaginitis

  • Trichomoniasis

A variety of reasons may cause pain during sex, but luckily, you can apply various home remedies to find natural relief from the pain and make it a more pleasurable experience.


Vaginismus is defined as a painful condition wherein the muscles of the vagina involuntarily contract or cause a spasm when an object enters the vagina. This condition makes sex painful and very difficult. If the pain reduces or subsides after the object is withdrawn from the vagina, then this could be a sure sign of vaginismus. Most women with vaginismus describe the feeling as if tearing or hitting the wall.

According to a private gynaecologist in London, psychological as well as physical conditions contribute towards this condition. Such as:

  • Fear or anxiety of sex

  • Having experienced sexual abuse in the past

  • Surviving sexual assault in the past

  • Negative emotions related to sexual activity

Different painful sex treatment methods include:

  • Vaginl dilators

  • Kegel exercises

  • Anaesthetic creams which could be temporarily used

  • Sexual assault or sexual abuse survivors could benefit from consulting a counsellor with a specialization in treating psychological conditions that are the result of being violated for long.

Causes involving the uterine region

If the uterine region consists of any abnormalities, then sex could become very painful or uncomfortable. The different conditions of the uterus include:


It is a painful condition which not only causes heavy pain and bleeding during periods but also causes pain during sexual intercourse. The condition can be treated with excision surgery or hormonal treatment.

Ectopic pregnancy:

This condition can be effectively treated with surgery or medications.

Fibroid tumours:

This condition could be effectively treated with the help of a surgical procedure called a myomectomy.

Why see a gynaecologist?

While it is common for women to experience during sexual intercourse, not all kinds of pain are common. The gynaecologist will help you find the source of the pain and recommend various remedial methods to find relief from the pain and make sex a more pleasurable experience.

More often, painful sex is the symptom of an underlying condition. The gynaecologist will help you identify the condition and suggest different painful sex treatment options including medications and surgery.

If you are experiencing uncommon and prolonged pain during intercourse, then you should visit a gynaecologist in London to understand the causes and find relief from the pain.

If you want more information about pelvic pain treatment, then you must visit the Well Women Clinic today.

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