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6 Signs to Visit Your Private Gynaecologist for Painful Sex

Painful sex is avoided at the first sign itself can be quite painful. It usually happens during or after the span of menopause which many women realize late. In medical terms, painful sex is called dyspareunia which is a cause of falling estragon level. Often women don’t take it seriously simply because they don’t consider it as important. But when it comes to discussing the sexual problem with the doctor, it is important to be upfront and be clear on whatever has been happening. There could be a possibility painful sex is associated with menopause. If you have been facing the painful experience for a long time and want a better way out, then here are a few signs you need to first be clear of and get painful sex treatment:

Signs Shows That You Should Visit Your Private Gynaecologist for Painful Sex

  • Lube is not cutting it:

There is a low level of estragon during or after menopause, it can be quite dry and think making the vaginal tissues dry as well. This could be quite difficult to turn into natural lubrication. You can however try out some over-the-counter options or even the vaginal moisturizer while making out with your partner. But despite these attempts, if nothing is going right then women need to be alarmed. Your pelvic pain London doctor would advise some important vaginal cream and ensure the signs get reduced to a great extent.

  • Bleeding after intercourse:

This is one of the other aspects you need to keep in mind. Once the menopause starts, your doctor would evaluate the vaginal bleeding. Because if there is any notice, it could be a sign that something is serious and should not be ignored. Your doctor would want to rule out any kind of other conditions before you are diagnosed with a dyspareunia problem.

  • Urination Pain:

The vaginal walls are thin. They are called vaginal atrophy. It usually happens when there is a low level of estrogen. This can often be the problem once menopause gets over. The atrophy of the vagina increases the vaginal infection risk and even the problems of urinary functioning and urinary tract infection as well. There could be possible signs like frequent urination or painful and burning sensation while urinating that you must not ignore.

  • Hamper the relation:

If you and your partner are being stressed out because you both are facing a tough time dealing with the physical stress, then there is a sign that you need to visit a therapist to talk about it. There could be a possibility that you might feel a little hesitant to talk with your partner about the pain and issue you have been going through. If you seem to be losing interest in having sex and try to avoid it then speak with your healthcare expert on the physical signs and clear it out.

  • Being scared of having sex:

Sex is just one sign of a healthy relationship and if you have been facing constant pain then there are chances for you to face anxiety problems. At such time your pelvic floor muscles may get tightened in response to anxiety and stress and thus make it worst. If you feel scared or anxiety overcomes you while making out and feel like avoiding it then instead of ignoring it, speak with your doctor because this could be one of the signs.

  • The pain gets worst:

There are some vaginal creams and lubricants which reduce the pain severity during sex. But these may not always be useful for all. Rather the pain might get worst. You may even start facing other issues associated with the dryness of the vagina. At such time, instead of ignoring it, you need to visit your gynaecologist in London and talk about the problem that you have been facing. Also, if there are any other signs like vaginal tightness, itchiness around the vulva, and frequent UTIs prepare you to meet a doctor.

Note down a few things while approaching a doctor:

At times, if you feel that your healthcare expert would ask you some additional questions then you need to prepare yourself for the same. That is why note down 

  • The time from which you started facing sexual issues
  • The factors that had been influencing the signs and also whether you have tried anything to address such signs
  • If you have been on some medication or supplements, then you need to specify the same to your doctor


Probably this could be the first time that you are experiencing painful sex but if you have made up your mind to visit a doctor for pelvic pain treatment, then make sure you don’t take stress while talking to them. Your doctor would give you better help physically and mentally. You may not always expect them to start with the conversation. Make up your mind and talk about the problems that you have been facing with regards to postmenopausal vaginal changes and sort it out. 

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