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Things to Know About Abortion Pills for Abortion

Medical termination of pregnancy is performed majorly in two ways: surgery or abortion pills. If you do not want to go ahead with surgery, abortion pills are a safe and simple method to end your pregnancy. However, you must be pregnant for under eleven weeks after the first day of your last period, and this […]

How To Take Care After Medical Abortion

Medical termination of pregnancy is a physically and emotionally strenuous process, which you must care for your physical and emotional well-being. Though your healthcare provider will perform a safe abortion, there are a couple of risks involved. As a result, women must know what they should expect or how to care for themselves after getting […]

How To Differentiate And Select: Medical Abortion And Surgical Abortion

Which type of abortion to choose can be a tough decision to make. Here, we will check out the various aspects of private medical abortion and surgical abortion. This information will help you make the decision that works for you. Medical abortion Private medical abortion in London is an effective method of terminating the pregnancy […]

Pros and Cons of Medical Abortion That Everyone Must Know

Do you know the pros and cons of medical abortion? If you have no information about medical abortion, then you need to pay attention to the article. We have come here to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Medical Termination of Pregnancy. First of all, you should know some basic things related to the topic. […]

5 Common Questions That One Must Ask While Having An Abortion

Private medical abortion in London could result in both physical and emotional turmoil, especially if done without prior knowledge of the consequences. Prolonged emotional distress, melancholy, sexual frustration, and nausea, vaginal bleeding is not unheard of. Women, if left without emotional support, are more at risk of the symptoms. Are there any health risks associated […]

Difference Between Private Abortion and NHS Abortion

Well, a stressful situation, though, but knowing about the right abortion method is vital to prevent further complications. According to studies, 1 out of every 3 women undergoes an abortion in her lifetime. Abortion is the medical termination of pregnancy so that it doesn’t lead to the birth of a baby. The termination takes place […]

Importance of Medical Abortion for Women

Facing an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy and jeopardize one’s life. In such a situation deciding whether to abort or not is an extremely personal choice. However, the choice is not uncommon. A huge population of women chooses private abortion in London when they face an unwanted pregnancy. There are two kinds of abortion that are used by […]

How to Prepare Yourself Before Your Medical Abortion?

If you are pregnant and have decided to get an abortion, you should be well prepared for it. It is natural to have many questions regarding this, and you should get them resolved at the earliest. Although people around you might make you feel as if getting an abortion done is not the right decision, […]

Types of Abortion Procedures for Different Trimester of Pregnancy

Abortion is a standard procedure these days. Women who get unwanted pregnancy and are not ready for a child generally choose private abortion in London. The type of abortion you opt for will depend on how far you are into your pregnancy. While abortion is legal across the world, the laws vary from one country […]

Important Points That Should be Taken Care After Abortion

Getting an abortion done is a difficult decision for a woman. It not only takes a toll on her physical health but also affects her mental health. It is much more than just a medical procedure and involves the person emotionally too. When you are getting an abortion done by a trained medical professional at […]