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Important Points That Should be Taken Care After Abortion

Getting an abortion done is a difficult decision for a woman. It not only takes a toll on her physical health but also affects her mental health. It is much more than just a medical procedure and involves the person emotionally too.

When you are getting an abortion done by a trained medical professional at a private abortion clinic in London, you can be assured that everything will be fine. But even then, abortions are such a complicated procedure that requires you to take proper care after the process. However, safe the method may be, it always involves some risks. You can minimize these risks if you take proper care as suggested by private surgical abortions in London.

It is usual for a woman to experience the following symptoms after abortion.

1. While some women do not experience any bleeding at all, it is normal for them to experience some bleeding for 3-6 weeks. This bleeding can also include small to medium-sized clots, or you can have spots. You will also observe that generally, there is no bleeding just after the procedure. Bleeding starts after some days. If excessive and abnormal bleeding occurs, then you should consult a doctor.

2. You might also see some vaginal discharge. This discharge can be either brown or black and have mucus-like consistency. If you experience pain or itching with the release, you should consult a doctor immediately.

3. Cramping is very normal to occur when your uterus is returning to its standard shape and size. You may or may not experience menstrual cramps during the initial days, but even if you feel them after a few days, it is entirely normal. To relieve cramps, you can either use a heating pad or take some painkillers like ibuprofen.

What should you do to take proper care after an abortion?

You might feel unwell and exhausted immediately after the abortion. Pain and cramps might go from mild to intense during this time. You should ensure that you are taking plenty of rest just after the procedure. This will give your body sufficient time to recover and get well.

You should also avoid doing any activity that can be strenuous for you, either physically or mentally.

A woman’s body becomes more prone to infection just after an abortion. This is because your cervix can take some time to close entirely. If you want to avoid the risk of any infections, you should consider these precautions.

1. Do not use tampons for some time. Instead, you can use sanitary pads.
2. Do not have penetrative sex for 1-3 weeks.
3. Do not use the swimming pool for 1-3 weeks.
You can also use some of the mentioned tips of self-care.

Massage your stomach gently, or use heating pads to relieve cramps. Also, do not miss any medicines prescribed by your doctor as they will help you recover soon. Monitor your temperature daily and visit your doctor at a London gynaecology clinic, timely for regular screening.

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