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Importance of Medical Abortion for Women

Facing an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy and jeopardize one’s life. In such a situation deciding whether to abort or not is an extremely personal choice. However, the choice is not uncommon. A huge population of women chooses private abortion in London when they face an unwanted pregnancy. There are two kinds of abortion that are used by medical professionals. One is surgical abortion, and the other is medical abortion. Medical abortion refers to the process of abortion, where no surgery is used, and the abortion is completed with the help of medication. It is safe and effective, and thus many women prefer medical abortion over surgical ones.

Private medical abortion in London can only be carried out when a pregnancy is within the first ten weeks of the first trimester. This has to be determined by an ultrasound. The first medicine used in the process of mifepristone, and it stops the process of the pregnancy proceeding any further. The second medicine that is used is misoprostol, and it makes the uterus to shed off the pregnancy. The FD approves both of these medications, and they are entirely safe and effective. Given the fact that medical abortion is done in two steps, you will require to visit the medical facility twice. Partly you will have to be in your home as well, and you will have to be in good health. Another essential part of the process is having a reliable system of transportation in case of emergency situation arises.

In order to ensure a successful medical abortion, the private gynaecologist in London will give you your first dose of the medicine mifepristone. This drug will block the progesterone, a hormone that helps the pregnancy to proceed. You will also be asked to take antibiotics in this step. As you will enter the second phase of your medication, you will be given misoprostol after a gap of 24-48 hours. Most of the women choosing medical abortion over surgical ones prefer to go through this stage at their homes. The medicine misoprostol causes cramps in the uterus and also cause a heavy flow of bleeding and is very similar to the symptoms that take place if one has an early miscarriage.

Medical abortions are quite useful and work almost 98% of the time on women who are pregnant up to ten weeks. FDA approves the use of medical abortion on a woman pregnant for no more than seven weeks. So, in case you have already entered your eight weeks or more, you will need to take the help of private surgical abortion London. Also, in some rare situations, medical abortion fails, and then to ensure a successful abortion, one needs to undergo a surgical abortion.

The process of medical abortion allows you to go back to your regular life after a day or two. However, you will have to deal with heavy blood flow and blood clots for almost two weeks. You will be required to use sanitary pads and avoid tampons during this time.

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