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Risk of Getting Pregnant After 35 and Ways to Overcome

You might have heard about the fact that women who get pregnant between 20 to ’30s are a good age for the baby and the mother itself. But once she crosses her age of 35 years then complications may erupt. You might want to speak with a private gynaecologist on the same who can guide […]

How To Deal with Morning Sickness During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey for every woman who once wanted to be a mother and wanted to nourish her child with the goodness of life. though pregnancy makes women beautiful and enriches their overall persona, however, there is a major factor that comes along with being pregnant, and all the gynaecologists in London agree it’s […]

Top 9 Health Screenings Tests for All Women At Various Ages

Here is the list of top routine health screenings or well-woman health checkups recommended to women across various ages by the private gynaecologist. 9 Health Screenings Tests for All Women At Various Ages Mammogram Gynaecologists recommend mammograms annually for women in the age group of 45 to 54 years. Women can also choose to undergo […]

Climbing Stairs During the Third Trimester – Is Safe or Not?

This blog explores the safety of climbing stairs in pregnancy 3rd trimester and provides helpful tips and insights.  Introduction   Pregnancy is thrilling and transformative but has its fair share of worries and questions. One common concern for many expecting mothers is the safety of climbing stairs, especially as they approach the third trimester. Understanding how […]

Important Things You Should Know About Ovarian Cancer

Reproduction is one of the essential parts of our life. But certain diseases can alter it. One of them is ovarian cancer – a condition that claims thousands of women every year.  Ovarian cancer attacks the reproductive organ of the female, typically the ovaries. It is one of many leading causes of cancer death among […]

Different Types of Vaginal Odors That You Should Know

The Internet has glorified that your vagina should smell like flowers. Go to any nearby drug store, and you will come across scented tampons, pads, and gels to mask the vagina odour. It’s anything but not flowery.  EVERY VAGINA HAVE A SMELL. At times, many feel self-conscious when they notice the odour. It’s because your […]

Abortion and Your Mental Health

Abortion is a safe procedure to end unwanted pregnancy by choice. Since the dawn of time, women’s strength needs constant litmus tests to undergo through. The internet floods with misinformation about abortion being unsafe due to religious and conservative norms. It prevents women from accessing the private abortion clinic in London. What’s rarely talked about […]

Different Types of Abortion Procedure That You Should Know

Medical Termination of Pregnancy are performed in a variety of settings, including a private abortion clinic in London and hospitals. The kind you receive will almost definitely be dependent on how far along you are in your pregnancy. You will most likely experience a vacuum aspiration when you are in your first trimester. You will most […]

Common Causes Behind an Itchy and Swelly Vagina

A swollen and itching vagina is an often painful, uncomfortable, and worrying symptom that could happen due to multiple reasons. It could be due to infections, hormonal imbalance, sexual intercourse, injury, irritating ingredients in your hygiene products, skin disorders, sexually transmitted disease, or even cancer. Fortunately, you do not need to worry too much about […]