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Abortion and Your Mental Health

Abortion is a safe procedure to end unwanted pregnancy by choice. Since the dawn of time, women’s strength needs constant litmus tests to undergo through.

The internet floods with misinformation about abortion being unsafe due to religious and conservative norms. It prevents women from accessing the private abortion clinic in London.

What’s rarely talked about is the psychological effects of abortion on women’s mental health.

In this blog will learn how to deal with abortion that causes mental and emotional distress to women.

For any woman, ending the pregnancy is a stressful experience. It stirs up many emotions. It’s an unbearable experience that causes many responses like:

  • Stress 
  • Anxiety
  • Five Stages of Grief 
  • Anger 
  • Loneliness
  • Regret
  • Poor self-esteem 
  • Trauma

Apart from the responses mentioned above, abortion also triggers insomnia and suicidal thoughts. Keep your loved ones close to you and immediately consult a private gynaecologist and therapist in such a scenario.

Everyone has their own way of responding to life events. But medical termination of pregnancy will hamper the hormonal cycle. Hence, one should not take it lightly.

How To Cope-Up With The Abortion?

It’s difficult to navigate through the before and after procedure of abortion. You might experience a mental and emotional breakdown.

Talk To Someone

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Talk to someone from your family, friends, or anyone with whom you share reliability and comfort.

Start seeking medical help from the private abortion clinic in London. Ask all your questions without any discomfort.

Avoid isolation as that might lead you to depression. Instead, find someone to confide in.

Don’t Give Into Pressure

Do not give in to the pressure from your family, friends, or your partner. It’s your choice whether you want continuation or termination from the pregnancy. Remember, it’s ultimately your choice for which you will be accountable.

Clarity Of Situation 

Sometimes the woman might want to continue the pregnancy. However, the unfortunate situation will force an abortion. In the event of a medical emergency, seeking a private gynaecologist consultation from an abortion clinic in London is recommended.

Taking Care 

If you are going/planning to get an abortion, keep your family members or friends close to you. In the certain scenario of abortions, medical surgery is mandatory. Here’s where you need to seek a provider like Well Women Clinic, who assists you at every step.

It’s essential to acknowledge your emotions and situation. Anxiety, stress, and guilt trap might stop you from medical termination of pregnancy. Reflect on circumstances, talk to private abortion clinics in London. Get to know your options about pregnancy, family planning, and abortion. Look out for mental health professionals who can guide you through the tough times.

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