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Things To Know About Getting Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

Most moms-to-be look forward to ultrasounds more during pregnancy than any other prenatal appointment. Why? It’s easy to see! It’s fun to sneak a peek at your baby while your OBGYN checks for sure signs of growth and development. Many women want to find out as soon as possible what their baby’s gender is, and […]

What You Should Know About Your Baby’s First Ultrasound?

Between nausea, cravings, or the constant need to pee, you know something’s going on inside. But pregnancy sometimes doesn’t feel entirely real unless you have your first peek at your baby during your first prenatal ultrasound. Fortunately for the curious and anxious alike, an early pregnancy scan in London is very standard and also welcomes […]

Is It Okay To Have Pregnancy After The Age Of 35?

Pregnancy warrants a roller coaster of mixed emotions. Many women feel relieved that it’s finally happening after years of trying to conceive. While some women who are not sure about having a baby might be terrified. Either way, it’s completely alright to feel all the emotions.  A common misconception runs around in our society that […]

7 Healthy Tips for Overweight Pregnant Women

Having a baby is the most exciting time of life for women, and it’s an exhilarating yet beautiful experience. Over time women make healthier changes and maintain body weight for the well being of the baby. Regular physical activity will also assist before and after the birth of a baby. It discounts the chances of […]

How to Prepare For Your Private Pregnancy Scan?

The private scan is one of the most important checks for a pregnant woman. It allows you to see your baby in great detail, and it gives you much more information than you can get from your regular scan. If you are thinking about booking your private scan, you’re probably wondering what you need to […]

Types of Early Pregnancy Scan That You Should Know

Due to the vast technological and medical advancements in today’s world, pregnant women can now avail hundreds of pregnancy scans at different stages, each of which comes with different purposes. The procedure begins with early pregnancy scans, which confirm the baby’s presence, growth according to the gestation period, heartbeat, and other structures. Also, you get […]

What Is An Early Pregnancy Scan? How IS IT Performed by A Gynaecologist?

So, you have been feeling different recently. You have noticed physical changes and have missed your periods, which is a huge sign that something has changed within you. With some hesitation, you have brought back a pregnancy kit and took the test. And then you wait for the result. If you have been displaying all […]

Things Must Know About Early Pregnancy Scans

Early pregnancy could be daunting while it is also an exciting experience for new moms to be. At first, you cannot believe that you are actually pregnant but slowly the feeling sinks in and you become happy, enjoying this new feeling. At first, you may not experience any symptoms of pregnancy, apart from the strip […]

When Should You Go For An Early Reassurance Scan?

Hearing about your pregnancy could be exciting, but the excitement will soon transform into concern and anxiety as you begin to worry about the new baby developing in your womb. Whether you had pregnancy complications earlier or a first-time mom to be, it is very natural to be worried about your baby. Here in this […]

Know The Reasons Why A Early Pregnancy Scan Is Beneficial

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You are on cloud 9. And, everyone in our family is ecstatic on hearing this news. The initial few months are when you need to be most careful about your health. You are contemplating the idea of doing a scan to make sure everything is alright. Most women prefer to wait […]