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When Should You Go For An Early Reassurance Scan?

Hearing about your pregnancy could be exciting, but the excitement will soon transform into concern and anxiety as you begin to worry about the new baby developing in your womb. Whether you had pregnancy complications earlier or a first-time mom to be, it is very natural to be worried about your baby. Here in this blog, we’ll discuss what is the right time to go for an early pregnancy scan in London to check the status of your pregnancy.

Top reasons to undergo an early pregnancy scan

To mitigate your worries and anxieties:

If you’ve experienced complications during your pregnancy before, or if you have got pregnant for the first time and are concerned about the health and well being of the new baby, the early pregnancy scan will check the position and the status of your new baby. The scan will check your heartbeat as well as your pelvic area and ovaries. A thorough scan will assess the actual condition of the baby which will greatly help to alleviate your worries and anxieties

Confirmation about multiple or single pregnancy:

An early pregnancy scan in London is the best and the most ideal way to confirm the number of pregnancies, i.e. whether you have one or multiple babies! If there is a family history of multiple births or twins, then the early pregnancy scan could detect separate heartbeats and amniotic sacs.

To know about the due date:

Most women are not able to pinpoint the exact date when they become pregnant. The early pregnancy scan is able to pinpoint the date of pregnancy as well as provide acute information about the due date of the pregnancy. This will help you plan for the arrival of the baby and take adequate care of yourself during those delicate periods.

There could be various other reasons to undergo an early scan, such as undergoing a 3d or 4d scan to see your baby take form. But listed above are the top responses why you should do the early pregnancy scan.

When to undergo an early reassurance scan?

At Well Women Clinic, you could book for a scan from the 7 weeks of pregnancy. This will offer you a confirmation that you are pregnant. For comprehensive details on the wellbeing and growth of the baby, you need to be patient for 16 weeks of pregnancy. Let us check out the different types of scans that you can undergo.

The early reassurance scan:

This scan can be done from the 7th week onwards to trace the heartbeat, placement of the baby and to get the proper date of the pregnancy.

Consulting the obstetrician:

You could consult the obstetrician from the 7th week onwards and discuss the baby developing in your womb. Moreover, you could also do the early pregnancy scan to alleviate your worries and anxieties about the baby. The early pregnancy scan is recommended for women who had pregnancy-related complications in the past. You can discuss your pregnancy symptoms with the obstetrician and get advice on how to conduct yourself during the pregnancy.

Growth and wellbeing scan:

This scan could be done from the 6th week onwards. This scan includes the assessment of the levels of amniotic fluids and the placental site. The scan also helps determine the gender and allows for 4d and 3d viewings.

NIPT test:

This test could be done from the 10th week of pregnancy onwards, including detection test for trisomy (down syndrome) as well as the evaluation of the sex chromosomes in the baby.

Early pregnancy scan is the first step towards getting a confirmation about your pregnancy and knowing the details about the development of the baby inside your womb. This scan lays the foundation for the further tests and the checks the private gynaecologist may recommend after doing a thorough assessment during the early pregnancy scan.

To get further details about a private gynaecologist, you must visit Well Women Clinic Today.

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