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Things Must Know About Early Pregnancy Scans

Early pregnancy could be daunting while it is also an exciting experience for new moms to be. At first, you cannot believe that you are actually pregnant but slowly the feeling sinks in and you become happy, enjoying this new feeling. At first, you may not experience any symptoms of pregnancy, apart from the strip that shows that extra pink line confirming your pregnancy. It is common for most new moms to experience everything going well at the very start. After all, symptoms take time to show up. That is why most people prefer to go for an early pregnancy scan.

In the past few years, many private pregnancy scan clinics have opened up in the region, spreading awareness about the need and importance of an early pregnancy scan. Plus, they have made early pregnancy scans accessible to most people who want to be sure about their pregnancy. So, you could now get an early pregnancy scan done at a nearby facility to reassure yourself about the most awaited good news.

While early pregnancy could be a really exciting time for many, for some others, this news could make them extremely anxious, especially, when they have not planned for the pregnancy and are not prepared for it. In this case, an early pregnancy scan can help them get an affirmation about their pregnancy and would allow them to make better decisions on whether to continue with the pregnancy or to end it. It is absolutely fine to find yourself in a spot with the news about the pregnancy. You are not the only one who would want to think otherwise about it. A very recent study by a leading medical journal states that almost half of the pregnancies worldwide are unplanned.

So, do not worry for you are not alone in this race. Most people decide to continue with the pregnancy but some decide not to. The reasons could be social, physical, economical, psychological, so on and so forth. Whether to continue with the pregnancy or end it is a very personal decision for the individual. To activate either, an early pregnancy scan is needed to assure the pregnancy for the woman.

Here in this blog, we will understand what an early pregnancy scan is and when is the appropriate time to do an early pregnancy scan.

What is an early pregnancy scan?

An early pregnancy scan is essentially an ultrasound that a pregnant woman can undergo before her first regular scan or the Nuchal scan. This Nuchal scan is performed after approximately twelve weeks. So a woman can undergo an early pregnancy scan to check about the wellbeing of the new life that is slowly taking shape in their womb before the 12-week mark. You can take the help of your nearest private ultrasound service to undergo an early pregnancy scan.

The perfect time to opt for an early pregnancy scan is from seven to eleven weeks. At the seventh week, it becomes possible to examine your baby by simply doing an abdominal scan. Hence, you do not have to get an internal scan during this period. In a few rare cases, an early pregnancy scan may become necessary for various medical reasons, in which case, it will be conducted trans-vaginally.

When to do an early pregnancy scan?

The ultrasound scan for pregnancy can be conducted from about 6 weeks onwards. The earliest that the women should do a scan to really see anything is approx. 6 weeks after their last period. If you go for the scan sooner than 6 weeks you may be asked to come back for a 2nd early pregnancy scan closer to the six-week mark or slightly later too. Plus, if you wait one week more, i.e., if you undergo an early pregnancy scan in London at the 7th week of pregnancy, then you can even see and hear the heartbeat of the unborn baby clearly.

Sometimes, the scans do not show any conclusive results about the pregnancy. This happens mostly when you go for a scan earlier than the 6 weeks. Many women get stressed and anxious unnecessarily due to the non-conclusive first scan and stay paranoid until the 2nd scan, which finally draws conclusive results.

Therefore, the most ideal time to undergo an early pregnancy scan to really know and see the actual status of the baby is after the 7 weeks of pregnancy.

These are some of the important aspects of the early pregnancy scan that you need to know and have knowledge about. Ask any gynaecologist, and they will recommend that you should undergo an early pregnancy scan to ensure that all is fine with your pregnancy and your baby. Plus, it is a safe procedure, so you do not have to worry about inducing any harm towards your health or the health of your baby.

If you are searching for a good clinic to undergo an early pregnancy scan in London, you must visit the Well Women Clinic today.

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