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How to Prepare For Your Private Pregnancy Scan?

The private scan is one of the most important checks for a pregnant woman. It allows you to see your baby in great detail, and it gives you much more information than you can get from your regular scan. If you are thinking about booking your private scan, you’re probably wondering what you need to do to prepare for it. This blog will tell you everything that you need to know to get ready for this important scan.

What Exactly Is A Pregnancy Ultrasound?

An ultrasound during pregnancy is an examination that employs high-frequency sound waves to view the growing fetus as well as the mother’s reproductive organs. With each pregnancy, the typical number of ultrasounds varies.

An ultrasound, often known as a sonogram, can monitor normal fetal growth and screen for potential abnormalities. Along with a routine ultrasound, there are many more sophisticated ultrasounds, such as a 3-D ultrasound, a 4-D ultrasound, and fetal echocardiography, which is an ultrasound that examines the fetus’ heart in detail.

The Purposes Of A Pregnancy Ultrasound

During pregnancy, an ultrasound can be utilized for a variety of purposes. Your physician may also request further ultrasounds if a prior ultrasound or blood test revealed a concern. In addition, non-medical ultrasounds may also be performed, such as to create images for the parents or to identify the gender of the baby. While ultrasound technology is healthy for both mom and baby, healthcare professionals advise against using ultrasounds if there is no medical cause or advantage.

How To Get Prepared For An Ultrasound

Initially, in the pregnancy, an ultrasound may require you to get a full bladder for the specialist to acquire a clear view of the fetus and the reproductive system. Sixty minutes before your planned ultrasound, consume 2 to 3 eight-ounce glasses of water. One should not urinate before the ultrasound so that patient comes with a filled bladder.

Ultrasounds At The Outset

If you are getting an early pregnancy scan in London, it is typically necessary to do so trans-vaginally. To obtain clear images of your womb, a tiny ultrasound device will be placed into your vagina. If you have your scan before eleven weeks, this is typically the best option to receive images of your baby.

You should do the following to start preparing for this kind of ultrasound test:

  • Wear clothing that is easily removable from your bottom half or a flexible skirt/dress which can be lifted.
  • To guarantee the most precise images, empty your bladder immediately before the visit.

Regular Checkups

The majority of ultrasounds conducted during pregnancy may be done abdominally. The ultrasonography device will be used to scan your naked abdomen.

Preparing for your private pregnancy scan in London should include the following steps:

  • Wearing clothing that can be readily removed off your stomach. For example, a top and bottom that are separate will typically be comfier than a dress.
  • Consuming anything to drink and not emptying your bladder for thirty-sixty minutes before the consultation helps guarantee that we acquire the clearest images possible. However, if you have to go, do not attempt to keep it in; it is more essential to feel at ease than to keep a full bladder.

Other Preparation Methods

There is not much you could do to prepare for your early pregnancy scan in London. However, you might wish to learn much more about ultrasound probes before your visit. Although ultrasounds are relatively safe and easy processes, you will feel much better at ease if you understand what is coming. You should also learn more about diagnostics that will be conducted, including the nuchal translucency test, such that you will know why they might be necessary and what else they might show. Finally, before the ultrasound, you can ask the sonographer or doctor any questions regarding pregnancy scans.


Most women will wait until they are around nine months pregnant before they get an ultrasound. This is because the baby is large enough that the scan can get a clear picture of the baby, and the mother is far enough into the pregnancy that any issues with the baby will be more apparent.

If you have any further questions or are looking for a private gynaecology clinic in London, feel free to contact us at Well Women Clinic.

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