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Effective Treatments to Cure Uterine Fibroids

Uterine Fibroids are inflammations in the uterus which are confused with being cancerous tumor, however these fibroids aren’t cancerous. They grow in the uterus in the reproductive years only. These are a common problem faced by women in their old age. The treatment of this disease isn’t really compulsory unless and until you are facing some severe issues like excessive bleeding and pain.
There are a few Uterine Fibroids Treatments however; there are a few disadvantages as well to these treatments. Here is a list of treatments along with their disadvantages as well.

Effective Treatments to Cure Uterine Fibroids

1. Hormonal agents

There is no procedure necessary for this treatment as it could be taken alongside any other therapy as well. However, its long-term use can cause menopause like symptoms and bone loss. This very treatment has a high recurrence rate and it’s often considered a temporary treatment.

2. Endometrial ablation

This treatment controls the heavy bleeding symptoms. Although the disadvantages include that the treatment may not suit everybody and there is no reduction in bulk symptoms.


This treatment doesn’t require any surgical incision or anesthesia. It’s not applicable on large fibroids or if they are more in number. It also requires as long as 4 hours of procedure time additionally there is not much data available for this process.

4. Myomectomy

This particular method preserves fertility, but the disadvantages include a longer recovery time after surgery. Although there are high chances of recurrence of the fibroids, heavy and continuous vaginal bleeding is another disadvantage and the success rate is very limited.

5. Hysterectomy

An advantage of this method is that it completely eradicates fibroids and its symptoms as it totally removes the uterus. The disadvantages include loss in fertility and longer recovery period after surgery.

6. Uterine Fibroid embolization

This particular method includes no surgical incision, no anesthesia and favorable recovery time. Post embolization pain is very common.

There is nothing about Uterine Fibroids that cannot be cured, with a little care and effective treatments to cure Uterine Fibroids, it can be cured completely.

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