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5 Unknown Things That You Should Aware About Your Fertility

Fertility is one of the biggest issues of the time. Many men and women face this issue as their age increases. However, these days infertility is a common issue amongst the youth as well. However, to know issues related to infertility, you need to know your fertility well enough. There are several factors affecting fertility like your age, nutrition level, weight, hormones, genes, etc. You can get your female fertility test done at any of the London gynaecology clinic. This article states some facts about fertility that you must know –

  • Your genes play a big role in determining your fertility. Genes are the main reason how your hormones act and behave and thus genes play a major role right from the start since they also affect how many eggs you have since birth. With every menstrual cycle, one of your egg gets released and thus if you fertilize this egg then it will result in your pregnancy, if you don’t then you won’t be pregnant.
  • Your age plays a major role in determining your fertility and thus more your age lesser is your fertility rate. Hence, many a times women find it difficult to conceive a baby in their old age. One of the main reasons is that the eggs also go down in number and with the ageing their quality also decreases. This affects fertility greatly and thus it isn’t hormonal issues affecting fertility when the woman is above the age of 35.
  • Your nutrition and lifestyle also play a major role in determining your fertility. With a consumption of low nutrition food and high fats there are high chances of you to be infertile.
  • Your weight also affects your fertility. Being obese or underweight can lower your fertility since it affects your reproductive organs too.

It is the best if you have regular periods every month. This shows that you are fertile and have a constant fertility pattern. If you have irregular fertility patterns, then it means that you probably have some issues with fertility, and you must get your fertility tested. Many a times you have organs that are damaged, and this causes issues related to fertility.

By opting for a female fertility test at a London Gynaecology clinic you can get complete information about your fertility and take any corrective actions if necessary.

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