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How to Prepare for a Well-Woman Exam?

How to Prepare for a Well-Woman Exam?

Regardless of age, well woman health check up is a crucial component of a woman’s preventive healthcare. What happens during these exams greatly depends on your age, sexual history, and health issues. A well-woman exam is one of the many OB/GYN services provided by private gynaecologist London. What to anticipate when you arrive for your […]

Unknown Reasons For Having Sudden Heavy Periods

Periods arrive in different sizes and shapes. Different women experience them differently — for some, it may be light and unproblematic, while for others, it could be painful and heavy, and in rare cases, may require a laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery. Now, what if you experience a sudden change in your periods from light to a […]

Medical Abortion — Myths You Might Believe

Unwanted pregnancy is common among women who are sexually active and have practiced unprotected sex. Medical abortions are the safest and the best way to take care of unwanted pregnancy. However, there are so many myths surrounding medical abortion that people fail to understand its true benefits. So, let us check out the myths and […]

Things to Expect If Women Have a Medical Abortion

Women can choose to terminate their pregnancy for various reasons, which may be personal, or financial. It is imperative that women use services that are safe and get themselves physically checked before proceeding with pills, or for surgical removal applied in cases of complications, or if the pregnancy has developed beyond the medical abortion stage. […]

Why One Should Visit a Private Gynaecologist?

A private gynaecologist can help you to check your body thoroughly. The private gynaecologist can make the best health plan for you according to the body type. Today, most of the people are busy with their work, and they don’t pay attention to their health. Good health is an essential thing for every person, so […]

5 Reality about Fibroids That Every Woman Must Know

Fibroids are noncancerous growths of smooth muscle are referred to as the most common kind of pelvic tumours caused among women. Reports of gynaecologist in London say that about 70% of women in the USA are affected by uterine fibroids prior to reaching 55 years of age. An amount of 20 percent of women starts […]

Advantages of Choosing A Private Gynaecologist

The advantages of choosing a private gynaecologist are many as you will get more focused and individual centered treatment. This will help in boosting your confidence as the knowledge that you seek from your consultation is brought to you by keeping you as the centre focus ensuring highly personalized results. Here are a few more […]

5 Useful Things to Know About Your Natural Fertility

Like many aspects of the female body, natural fertility too is shrouded by various misconceptions whether they be matters concerning overall fertility health or deciding when to see a fertility specialist. If you’re looking to get a female fertility test done, then here are a few useful things you should know about your natural fertility! […]

5 Unknown Things That You Should Aware About Your Fertility

Fertility is one of the biggest issues of the time. Many men and women face this issue as their age increases. However, these days infertility is a common issue amongst the youth as well. However, to know issues related to infertility, you need to know your fertility well enough. There are several factors affecting fertility […]

5 Things You Must Know About Female Fertility Test

A female fertility test is not something that we pay much attention to, it is just like one of the usual things that we neglect. Only when you plan on having a baby or something of that certain, does the thought of female fertility arises in your minds. The five most important things that you […]