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5 Things You Must Know About Female Fertility Test

A female fertility test is not something that we pay much attention to, it is just like one of the usual things that we neglect. Only when you plan on having a baby or something of that certain, does the thought of female fertility arises in your minds.

The five most important things that you need to know about a female fertility test are:

Things You Must Know About Female Fertility Test


The eggs in your ovaries are the ones that are developed over time, actually, there are about two million eggs that you are born with, but these eggs, over the time, reduce gradually due to the menstrual cycle and several other reasons. There is no such way to increase the number of eggs in your ovaries, plus, studies say that the number of eggs that you possess is actually more than enough in order to ensure childbirth and there is no need to implant more eggs, nor can it be done.


When you use IUDs for birth control this qualm always wanders around in your head and you are worried if using it might affect your fertility or not. To break the myth or the stereotype that exists, using an IUD as a birth control option does not affect the fertility or your eggs at all. It is just that, it makes the eggs inhospitable while the device is in, but once it is out, your body is normal as it can be.


We have this question that can we get pregnant if we do not have an orgasm, does it decrease the chance of you being pregnant. Well, as pleasurable and satisfying an orgasm might be, not having one certainly does not decrease your chance of being pregnant.


A birth control surely does prevent the ovulation process at the time, but it does not devastate the other eggs that are there within, nor does it pile-up all those additional eggs for future use, the eggs remain intact and gradually decrease over time.

Eating habits:

There are ample of food items that are claimed to be consumed in order to improve fertility, but as science suggests, there are no particular food items or eating habits that might affect your fertility

But a female’s fertility goes far beyond the conventional terms, and before opting for a well woman health check-up, these are the few things that you ought to know.

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