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Key Facts That Every Woman Should Know About Well Women Health Checkups

Women should go for a full health check-up once a year, to keep their vital body levels in check. They are equally expected to undergo a gynaecological examination to get accurate and complete medical information about present or possible health problems such as menstruation, sexuality, pregnancy, medication and healthy lifestyles.

Now that you have finally made an appointment, what should you expect from a private gynaecologist in London? Here, we have listed out the details for you:

  • You should go for regular medical check-ups

During well women health checkup, the focus is on preventive health. Mothers with young daughters or teenagers are encouraged to visit our clinic when they are comfortable enough and undergo a full body check-up. Even though our medical specialists usually instruct them on feminine hygiene, sex, childbirth and health, consultations might include medical screenings, medication and education in special cases. Gynaecologists do not treat injuries, follow-ups and chronic sickness experienced during ongoing health conditions and a separate appointment should be booked for the same.

  • We offer customised services

A woman’s health examination includes screenings for psychological depression, HIV and AIDS, alcohol abuse and cholesterol. The gynaecologist also prepares and instructs the patient on safe sex, contraceptives, immunisation, the menstrual cycle, pelvic examinations, breast examinations, nutrition, mammograms and pap smear tests.

  • Maintain a trustful relationship with the gynaecologist

Choose a gynaecologist who is friendly, non-judgemental and is interested in your physical and mental health. Now, even though an annual women’s examination should be done once a year, your gynaecologist would schedule pap smear tests and mammograms if you are at risk of serious medical conditions. You can get referrals from a family member, friend or general physician. Some women are more comfortable with a female gynaecologist and meeting them before formally scheduling an appointment. Feel free to ask them about their medical certification, attitude and experience.

  • You are free to ask questions

It is always better to receive verified and complete medical information from a medical professional, over the society. We encourage healthy discussions between you and the gynaecologist on your stress levels, diet, medical history and sex life. If you are transparent about your concerns, the gynaecologist would understand relevant medical information about you and schedule examinations accordingly.

  • Talk about your medical, sexual and menstrual history

As you open up about your medical issues, the doctor will ask questions to know your condition better. Common questions include immunisation history, medical history and surgery. They would ask you about your menstrual cycle (its length, intensity and regularity), history of cancer and serious medical conditions, medical screenings, contraceptives, settlement plans, current medication, allergies and lifestyle.

How to prepare for a women’s health checkup?

The appointment generally starts with a regular health checkup, where the nurse checks your height and weight, notes down your blood pressure and takes your urine and blood tests. During the physical examination, the gynaecologist asks questions about your personal and family health history.

Schedule the appointment when you are not on your periods, and avoid using lubricants, tampons, douching or sex two days before the visit for accurate test results. You should also know about your medical, sexual and menstrual history.

Visiting a gynaecologist helps you stay physically and mentally stronger, fitter and healthier. If you are looking for a dependable well woman check in London, visit us at Well Women Clinic.

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