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Easiest Ways to Deal with Vaginal Itching During Pregnancy That You Should Try

Ways to Deal with Vaginal Itching During Pregnancy

One common issue that many pregnant women face is itching in the vagina. Reasons like a yeast infection or changes in the vagina are responsible for this condition. But with proper care and treatment, it is possible to overcome this condition.

Symptoms of vaginal itching during pregnancy:

Check the symptoms of vaginal itching during pregnancy:

  • You may experience pain at the opening of the vagina
  • There may also be itching and pain in the vulva region or inside the vagina
  • The woman may also find that after sexual intercourse the itching and pain become worse.
  • There may be a burning sensation around the vagina or inside the vagina
  • The woman may experience pain while urinating
  • There may be an increase in the vaginal discharge and in some cases, there can be a smell in the discharge.

If you are experiencing such symptoms, then it is important to consult a private gynaecologist and get proper treatment for these symptoms.

Interested in knowing the underlying causes of vaginal itching during pregnancy?

Bacterial vaginosis:

This is a kind of bacterial infection that can result in this type of condition. If there is a change in the bacterial balance in the vagina then this condition may occur or at times the infection is transmitted by an infected partner.

In the case of bacterial vaginosis, there is pain and itching and there can be a fishy odour that becomes worst after sex.

If a pregnant woman is not provided treatment for this condition, then it can result in issues like premature birth and low birth weight.

Vaginal yeast infection:

In this type of infection there is too much yeast growth in the vagina, and this results in an itching and burning sensation. In some cases, there can be a thick discharge and the skin around the vagina may also crack. Pregnant women must get the vaginal itching treatment from a good gynaecologist in the case of such infections.


This is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by a parasite. Women suffering from this infection suffer from itching and pain when urinating and in the case of pregnant women it results in issues like premature birth and low birth weight.

Vaginal dryness:

Post delivery some women may experience vaginal dryness and this, in turn, causes itching and pain if the woman uses a harsh soap to clean the area, then the condition can become worst.

Treatment options for vaginal itching during pregnancy?

The itching and vaginal pain treatment will depend on the underlying cause of the condition. In some cases, like bacterial vaginosis home remedies may be useful but keep in mind if the remedies are not effective then the condition may become worst.

Therefore, it is always better to connect with a good Private gynaecologist who will determine the cause of the condition and will provide the treatment accordingly. In the case of yeast infections, it has been found that the condition can deteriorate after taking antibiotics, but antifungals are found to be effective in such infections. Therefore, instead of self-medication, it is better to connect with a good gynaecologist who will provide the right treatment.

Preventive measures that women can take to avoid such infections:

  • It is important that women try and keep the vaginal area dry and avoid sitting in wet underwear.
  • Women must ideally wear underwear that is made from good quality cotton material
  • Take antibiotics and other medicines if needed but only after consulting your doctor,
  • During sexual intercourse, it is important to protect yourself from STIs.
  • Limiting sexual partners is also important to avoid these types of infections.

See your Private Gynaecologist right away in the case of vaginal infections:

  • If the vaginal infection symptoms are getting worst, then it is better to consult your gynaecologist right away
  • After treating the infection if any new infection develops then also you need to consult your doctor on a priority
  • If a woman is suffering from many different types of vaginal infections, then she must not waste time and consult the gynaecologist at the earliest.


Vaginal itching and pain in pregnant women are due to different types of infections. This issue must be addressed at the earliest to prevent any problems during pregnancy. Women must prevent self-medication in the case of these infections, and they must consult the private gynaecologist in London at the earliest.

The private gynaecologist will do a thorough check-up to find the reason for the infection and will prescribe medications like antifungals to treat the infection.

You can get the best treatment for vaginal itching and pain only when you consult the best private gynaecologist who has a reputation for managing the most complex situations in the case of pregnant women. So, make sure that you take the treatment only from a reliable and reputed gynaecologist.

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