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The Unknown Advantages of Ultrasound Scan During Early Pregnancy

To receive ultra sound during pregnancy is a great way to observe any changes caused in foetuses. The early pregnancy scan process involves a screening device at the time of pregnancy to view the foetus. It is also known as a sonogram and is used for multiple purposes. Obstetric ultrasounds are also a very important diagnostic and monitoring tool at the time of pregnancy. This allows the obstetricians to check for any abnormal conditions that arise from the early stage of pregnancy right up till birth.
Unlike the other screening methods, ultrasounds do not make use of radiation, instead relies on echoes and sound waves creating images known as sonograms. Although there is a strong notion of ultrasounds exposure leading to health risks, however, there are certain unknown advantages that we are going to discuss here.

Advantages of Ultrasound Scan During Early Pregnancy

1. Ultrasounds facilitate screening and monitoring of health

Ultrasounds allow obstetricians an opportunity that helps to screen for a large variety of risks and conditions that affect foetuses. Methods such as Doppler monitoring makes use of ultrasonic sound waves that helps to measure the blood flow and heart rate of a foetus.

2. Birth preparation

Ultrasounds at private gynaecologist in London help in revealing practical aspects helping aids parents to plan for the birth. This includes sex of the baby and its estimated arrival date. However, knowing the sex of the baby is considered illegal at times. It also shows the place where placenta rests and indicates situations like placenta previa. This also causes physicians to further recommend a c-section. Thus, ultrasounds help physicians to help women prepare for safer births.

3. Personal value

Ultrasounds present the families with an opportunity to see a foetus way before its birth. With the help of advanced technology, sonograms are then able to highlight the baby’s growth and its detailed features. These early portraits are often shared, saved and cherished for a lifetime. This has an intimate value that helps to connect with the unborn baby through their emotional transition to parenthood.

4. To know the unknown

Ultrasound forms a live video stream of all that is going on in the abdomens. It lets you know everything that you are otherwise not able to. If the pregnancy is an outside uterus, it is important to avail medical attention instantly. This is the power of ultrasound. Although ectopic pregnancy is caused rarely, if found, it can cause severe damage to the bodies.

5. Takes extra care

Ultrasound at London gynaecology clinic gives the opportunity to take extra care during the time of pregnancy. It removes all possibility of false or inaccurate results. It can help provide results that need further verification. It eliminates all possibilities of anything going wrong. Thus, in this way, it helps offer the extra care that it needed during early pregnancy.
Although not all doctors recommend ultrasound during early pregnancy, however, it is a must. It helps to know the real truth and lets you treat a problem if any. It should be performed carefully to make sure the mothers and babies benefit from the information the test provides.

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