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Important Questions To Ask During Gynaecology Visit

No question is stupid when it comes to your health or female related discomfort. Of course, you cannot be expected to know everything about female hygiene but you should at least have some basic knowledge about it and ask questions about things you do not know about. There are many private gynaecologists in London who are out there to diagnose and treat the female-related diseases. Many women face awkwardness or are confused about what to ask their gynaecologists. Here are some questions which would help you for a Q&A session with your doctor.

Questions That You Should Ask During Your Private Gynaecologist Visit

1. Is it safe to have sex during the period?

Gynaecologists have always encountered this question and have a lot of myths related to it. Well, there aren’t many risks about having sex while you are on your period, but you need to ask your gynaecologist for more detailed information about the ovulatory pattern and they are the perfect personnel who can guide you about the risks and also provide with some effective measures.

2. Do I have an STD?

Vaginal itching is a common problem in most females and it might leave you to wonder if you have been infected with sexually transmitted diseases. In such cases, it is always better to ask your gynaecologist whether the itching is due to bacterial or yeast infections or you really have been affected by STD. Detecting these infections at an early stage can help in early treatment.

3. What are birth control options?

If you want to have sex without falling into the trap of unwanted pregnancy you should consult with your doctor about the various birth control options. Although most of them consume pills but it is not always necessary that pills are best for you, therefore it is always better to consult with your gynaecologist before taking any unnecessary steps. If by chance you become pregnant and are not ready for it talk with your gynaecologist and go for early abortion at any clinic offering private abortion in London.

4. Should I be worried about irregular periods?

The menstrual cycle varies with a different woman. Some experience regular periods while others miss or have irregular periods. There are many factors that can disrupt your normal period patterns like changes in your oestrogen and progesterone pattern. To know more about such disorders and to get a well woman health check up to get a gynaecologist appointment and clear out your queries.

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