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Important Check-Ups That Improve Women’s Health

Serious health issues can be predicted well in advance if you get yourself tested one time. Preventive measures and timely treatment ensures that you do not suffer from deadly health issues, and even if you do, you could take proper treatment. Many people panic only by the thought of undergoing several tests.

Well woman health check up suggests the following tests that a woman must undergo to identify any risks. The list of tests might vary depending on the age and other health factors associated with an individual.

Important Check-Ups That Improve Women’s Health

1. Blood Pressure Screening

Doctors suggest that if you’ve ever had a complaint of low or high blood pressure at any stage in your life, then you should make it a point to get your blood pressure checked regularly. Those who have conditions like obesity or hypertension, should take it more seriously, especially after the age of 40.

2. Cholesterol

Cholesterol levels are measured and checked to ensure that your heart is healthy. Getting yourself tested for this regularly will reduce the risks of heart diseases and strokes. Women above 20 should make it a point to get their cholesterol levels checked once every five years. If you are at the borderline, you should consult a doctor about how regularly you should go for check-ups.

3. Pap Smears

Experts suggest that women of ages between 21 to 65 should go through Pap smear every three years. This test is the first step to diagnose cervical cancer. The doctor will take cells from your cervix and examine them for cervical cancer.

4. Mammograms

This is a screening test for breast cancer. It involves compression of breasts between two plates so that an X-ray image of the same can be captured. It is known that breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women, the world over. And given the fact that the risk of breast cancer increases with age, you should ensure that you go for complete breast examination every year. It becomes all the more critical if you have a family history of breast cancer. You can also perform self-examination under the guidance of an expert, and if you notice any anomaly, you should go to a private gynaecologist.

5. Bone density

80% of women worldwide have osteoporosis in their lifetime. It is a condition wherein crucial minerals leach from the bones. Due to this, bones become brittle and weak. The reason behind this condition is decreasing levels of estrogen that protects bones. The bone density test will assess the strength of your hips, spine, joints, etc. through a specialized x-ray.

6. Thyroid

Problems related to the thyroid are quite common among women. Many of them complain of unexplained weight loss, hair loss, and exhaustion. It is suggested that women over 35 should undergo thyroid tests regularly.
Apart from the tests mentioned above, you should also check your blood sugar levels and liver function tests. Well woman check London can help you choose the best packages for these tests.

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