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How Will Having an Abortion Affect My Body?

How Will Having an Abortion Affect My Body?

Having an abortion? No matter what the reason is, can be a huge and scary decision for you and recovery can be different from woman to woman. While some women receive short-term side effects, others can have permanent effects and health complications in any future surgeries. This all comes down to the type of process that you have and the professional that undertakes this procedure. 

Always choose a private abortion in London done by a professional to minimize the risk of side effects.  

The Health Risks Of An Abortion 

  • Risks Of A Surgical Abortion 

When it comes to getting a surgical abortion done, you will need to visit a clinic with a private medical abortion in London. Most surgical abortions are done after the first three months when medication will not work or in the case of any complications or risks that pose a lot of problems. Once the procedure is under anesthesia some women experience side effects like mild bleeding or spotting. While these often go away after a couple of weeks, more severe side effects can be a reaction to the anesthetic used, an infection, excessive bleeding, scarring, and more. However, keep a note that this will not usually happen if a professional is doing your abortion.  

  • Risk of A Medical Abortion 

Medical abortion is done by private pregnancy termination clinics and in this medication is given to end the pregnancy within the first three to four months. The most common side effects are cramping and bleeding which can last up to a month after the medication. You might experience some fever, heavy bleeding, infection, or digestive discomfort and if it goes away in time, this is fine, however, in case it persists it’s best to see a professional. Always head to a professional and let them know how you feel so that the medication they give you is tailored to your needs and safe for use.  

Always keep in mind that if you are looking to have an abortion, do your research and visit a private surgical abortion in London clinic that is reliable, trusted, and highly professional. They should have healthcare professionals trained in these types of surgeries so that the risks are quite low.  

In Summary  

While having an abortion can be scary, having a trained professional by your side helps you to lower your risk. Your private gynaecology clinic London will first determine how many months you are and take an ultrasound and a pregnancy test, and it’s always advised to be informed and ask questions so that you are sure of the decision you are taking. Along with this, there are so many programs that your health professional will give you along with support groups so that you don’t need to go through this process alone. Working with trained professionals allows you to go through the procedure in a safe manner so that there is very little risk and you can have a baby whenever you want in the future.  

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