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Why Do All Women Need Private Gynaecologists? Exploring the Benefits of Personalized Care

Why Do All Women Need Private Gynaecologists?

Introduction Women’s health is a complex and delicate matter requiring specialized attention and care. Many women now turn to private gynaecologist London for their unique medical needs much more than general healthcare providers. Private gynaecologists have become crucial to women’s healthcare in this modern era. There are several reasons why all women should consider consulting private […]

Things You Must Discuss with Your Gynaecologist

Things You Must Discuss with Your Gynaecologist

Women frequently Google “What is PCOD” due to health concerns. Alternatively, “Why does it smell down there?” Five out of ten women have these issues daily but avoid discussing them with their doctors or gynaecologists out of fear of looking foolish. Feeling uncomfortable is  natural, but be assured that your doctor has heard everything. Private […]

What to Expect After Vaginal Hysterectomy Surgery?

What to Expect After Vaginal Hysterectomy Surgery?

The uterus may be removed surgically via the vagina in a technique called a vaginal hysterectomy. A vaginal hysterectomy is less invasive than an abdominal one, which requires an incision in the lower abdomen and results in a shorter hospital stay, reduced cost, and quicker recovery time. However, vaginal hysterectomy may not be an option […]

What Causes Painful Sex and How to Get Rid of It?

Women might experience pain or discomfort during or immediately after sexual intercourse. Many women experience some discomfort during their first vaginal sexual encounter. Because the symptoms vary, the number of women who feel pain during intercourse is unknown. In addition, neither doctors nor women are willing to talk openly about their sexual behaviours. This blog […]

5 Vaginal Disorders That Can Harm Your Quality of Life

So, perhaps your doctor prescribed you a medication and you’ve suddenly begun itching below and then you notice you need vaginal itching treatment. Sex has perhaps become annoying, if not painful. Perhaps you’ve started to leak whenever you laugh, sneeze, or even cough. Several women would prefer disregarding these signs or assuming that they must […]

Important Signs of Period That You Should Not Ignore

Periods tend to cause multiple symptoms like mood changes, cramps, and tenderness of the breast. The crucial symptoms of  heavy painful periods that you must never ignore includes: Alerting Signs of Period That You Should Not Ignore Heavy Bleeding Long-Lasting or heavy menstrual bleeding is also called menorrhagia. The conditions that can be described as […]

5 Signs That Shows Your Chronic Pelvic Pain May Be Vulvodynia

If you’ve not heard of vulvodynia, you’re probably not alone. Vulvodynia is a condition that results in chronic vulvar pain, which also impacts your outer genitals and vaginal surrounding. It also refers to chronic discomfort and pain around the vulva, which doesn’t have an identifiable cause and lasts for at least three months. Other symptoms […]

Top 9 Health Screenings Tests for All Women At Various Ages

Here is the list of top routine health screenings or well-woman health checkups recommended to women across various ages by the private gynaecologist. 9 Health Screenings Tests for All Women At Various Ages Mammogram Gynaecologists recommend mammograms annually for women in the age group of 45 to 54 years. Women can also choose to undergo […]

Climbing Stairs During the Third Trimester – Is Safe or Not?

This blog explores the safety of climbing stairs in pregnancy 3rd trimester and provides helpful tips and insights.  Introduction   Pregnancy is thrilling and transformative but has its fair share of worries and questions. One common concern for many expecting mothers is the safety of climbing stairs, especially as they approach the third trimester. Understanding how […]

Important Things You Should Know About Ovarian Cancer

Reproduction is one of the essential parts of our life. But certain diseases can alter it. One of them is ovarian cancer – a condition that claims thousands of women every year.  Ovarian cancer attacks the reproductive organ of the female, typically the ovaries. It is one of many leading causes of cancer death among […]