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7 Reasons Why Women Should Not Skip Their Health Checkups

Regular health checkups are essential to maintain one’s physical health and emotional well-being, which ranges from taking a day off to preserve your mental health or attending a health screening. Earlier, people would visit the doctor even only when they were ill. However, medical examinations have become necessary for everyone regardless of age, profession and gender. Routine check-ups help medical professionals detect potential health issues at earlier stages, which prevents health complications.

Even in such cases, women do not get to visit the healthcare provider. They are caught up with work and family responsibilities, which often leads to missing out on essential health screenings. Early detection helps them in acquiring proper treatment at earlier stages and avoiding complications. With the right screenings and medical treatment, they step towards a longer and better quality of life. Therefore, they must work with their private gynaecologist  for a customised healthcare plan.

Why should women undergo health screenings?

Everyone must undergo regular healthcare check-ups, starting from young children, adults or ageing women. In addition, people with chronic health conditions must be monitored regularly to track their conditions, for which they must consult their doctors. Also, health screenings with specific examinations vary depending on the patient’s age, family history, gender and health status.

As per studies, people in the working-age group fall at a higher risk of lifestyle changes. Apart from an unhealthy lifestyle, a sedentary situation with a lack of quality food and sleep may lead to moderate or severe conditions.

  • Prevents serious health conditions

High blood pressure and diabetes are two of the most common disease, which does not have significant symptoms at the early stages. However, as they are chronic conditions, health check-ups will tell you the current value of cholesterol and high blood pressure. Thus, your doctor will inform you of preventive actions to decrease the chance of illness.

  • Prevents disease progression

Chronic conditions develop gradually, which is why they must be regularly monitored. Regular health screenings help the doctor diagnose diseases before becoming a high-risk health condition due to worsening symptoms. Severe health conditions such as HIV, high blood lipids, cholesterol, anaemia, diabetes and AIDS are progressive conditions. Doctors can assess the seriousness of these conditions by examining the lungs, liver, kidneys, lungs, heart and thyroid.

  • Reverse health condition

If you have health conditions but only at the borderline, you can reverse the illnesses with proper guidance and care. For example, in the case of pre-diabetes or borderline diabetes, reverse the blood sugar levels with regular tests, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consuming the prescribed medication. People want to return to a healthy lifestyle, which minimises the risk of severe health risks. They now engage in a wholesome, balanced diet, work out and exercise daily.

  • Reduces future complications

If you have been diagnosed with severe health conditions, meet a doctor to plan your treatment strategy at the early stage. This reduces the involved risks and complications and lets your body recover faster from possible serious illnesses. In addition, patients undergo multiple physical and mental well-being examinations to ensure that their health is fine, and doctors can detect threats in the body.

  • Improves the longevity and quality of your life

Well-woman check in London helps you see the inside of the body, which prevents health complications. In the worst scenario, your doctor will treat you with advanced medication and surgical procedures. Doctors now focus more on prevention over treatment, as they want to limit the number of people needing advanced medical treatment. Regular medical check-ups help in detecting health issues that can become severe problems in the future.

  • Saves money

If you undergo health screenings regularly, it saves money in the long term. Preventive health screenings detect the early stages of the disease, which prevents developing complications and undergoing complex surgeries.

  • Raises awareness

As long as they are healthy, people do not care for health check-ups and possible illnesses. Most of us visit doctors and hospitals when we are unwell and need treatment, where we end up making poor food and exercise decisions. Going for regular health check-ups pushes you to lead a healthier lifestyle, and deciding the right dietary and sleep choices after consulting the doctor.

When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more important to care for your physical and emotional health. People who do not have existing health conditions and have a strong immune system can fight the virus. So if you are looking for a Well-woman health check-up for a longer and healthier life, contact us at Well Women Clinic.

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