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Why There is a Need For an Early Pregnancy Scan?

Women have the special gift of bringing a new life into this world. From conception to delivery the woman’s body goes through a lot of changes.

These changes are:

  • Emotional

  • Psychological and

  • Physical

Motherhood begins from the time the baby is in its mother’s womb. During this time the mother takes utmost care of herself so that she can take care of the baby growing inside her.

Experts suggest:

  • Expecting mothers should surround themselves with positive energy as it helps in the healthy development of the child.

  • Doctors recommend early pregnancy scans as they are effective indicators of the baby’s health.

  • These scans also help in identifying key developments during the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Early pregnancy scans during the first trimester are the most crucial ones because in this time period of the pregnancy it is found whether the pregnancy will carry to term or not. After detection, doctors recommend four ultrasound scans during the first thirteen weeks of the pregnancy.

At a London gynaecology clinic the doctors advise their patients for these scans to help them identify the following stages of the pregnancy:

  1. Placement Scan at Six Weeks

  2. Viability and Due date Scan at eight weeks

  3. Progress Scan at ten weeks

  4. Review scan at thirteen weeks

The London gynaecology clinic doctors also suggest additional tests that should be done alongside the early pregnancy scans during the first trimester.

These tests help in establishing the health of the mother and the baby. Based on test results the mothers are given appropriate treatment and medication as the mother’s health affects the health of the child as well.

Some of the tests suggested by the doctors at the London gynaecology clinic are:

  1. General blood tests

  1. HIV tests

  2. Various types of Vitamins tests

  3. Thyroid

  4. White Blood Cells count

Importance of being in the first trimester:

During the first trimester, the mother has to take special care as there are chances of miscarriage due to negligence.

This time period is very crucial because if due to some reasons the woman is not able to carry the baby, the termination process should occur in this phase itself.

It is medically the safest time period to terminate the pregnancy.

Women are always recommended to make a well-informed choice after seeking proper guidance from their doctors about the health implications.

The toll it takes on woman:

Experienced doctors say that the decision to terminate the pregnancy is one of the most difficult decisions that a woman can make and it is not easy. Doctors at the London gynaecology clinic say that based on their experiences with expecting mothers who have to get their pregnancy terminated, it takes a huge emotional toll on the woman. It can permanently affect the woman emotionally, psychologically and in some cases physically.

Early Pregnancy scans help:

  1. In identifying difficulties in the pregnancy such as any physical growth impediment.

  2. It also helps in determining the number of babies in the womb. It is during these scans that the news of twins or triplets or others is revealed to the expectant mother.

Doctors say that during these tests and scans, it is important that the women feel they are in a safe and secure environment. The mental security in doctor’s office helps women open up to their doctor and seek the necessary advice that they might require.

This helps the doctors to know all the required details of the patients’ health and the progression of pregnancy and it also helps the doctor to intensify worrisome details early on and try to prevent them from becoming a complication.

Advantages of having an early pregnancy scan:

  • Their widespread use throughout the world has helped the woman have a safe and well-informed pregnancy.

  • It has also helped women to have safe and healthy alternatives about termination.

The approach and advise of doctors are crucial during the first trimester as this will determine the progress of the pregnancy and the health of the woman. It is always advised to have a well-informed decision as it determines the fate of all the lives involved.

With the increase in technology and the growing spread of information regarding these important details of pregnancy, Early Pregnancy scans have become a common practice. Doctors at the London gynaecology clinic believe it is the duty of the doctor to advise its patients without bias and give all the support in the best interest of the patient.

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