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The Role Of Gynaecologist In Women’s Health That We Must Know Of

A woman’s body is a complex mechanism of different systems working in tandem to ensure that the whole body functions properly. All these functions are managed by a set of hormones secreted in the different regions of the body. Any discrepancies in the secretion of these hormones — i.e., if the secretion of hormones decreases or increases — then this will have a ripple effect on normal functions of every organ in a woman’s body, particularly the reproductive organs.

Experts say that women should never ignore the bodily symptoms they experience. After all, it is an indication of an underlying problem which needs an immediate solution in the form of treatment. And if you ignore the signs and prolong these symptoms, then the condition will aggravate further causing severe symptoms and affecting your daily life and routine. And at this stage, even medication will take longer to show convincing results.

Why visit the gynaecologist?

A private gynaecologist is a specialist doctor who practices exclusively in matters related to the female reproductive system. Some gynaecologists are called obstetricians, which means that they also hold special expertise to help and guide women during their pregnancy and the delivery of their baby. A regular visit to the private gynaecologist at the private gynaecology clinic london is a must to analyse the proper functioning of your reproductive system and to check whether all the hormone levels and other fundamentals are in place to ensure the smooth functioning of all the organisms.

Every woman should visit the gynaecologist to maintain her good health and wellbeing. Right from the time she enters puberty, she should make it a point to make periodic visits to the private gynaecologist to find out whether her reproductive organs are in good health or not. The reason for this is that women undergo a lot of changes within their body during the reproductive years of their life. These changes range from menstrual cycles to pregnancy and childbirth. All these activities are controlled by hormones secreted within the body. A regular visit will ensure that these hormones which regulate the body are secreted in the right numbers. And if not, then the gynaecologist will help identify the reason for this discrepancy and the necessary treatments to bring the hormone secretion levels back to normal.

Role of gynaecologist

A private gynaecologist in London will conduct the well woman check, which includes the pelvic and breast examination. The pelvic examination involves the examination of the cervix region, like the pap smear test, to check your smear count and to diagnose any early signs of cancer. Plus, a breast examination will find out whether there are any irregularities in the structure or anatomy of the breasts, which may be a sign of breast cancer.

Not only that, a regular examination will help the gynaecologist assess and understand many disorders that you may be facing related to your reproductive organs which could be causing you immense discomfort and pain during your regular menstrual cycles. For women, a regular menstrual cycle means that all is well with her body. The moment there is a change in the menstrual cycle, it means that there is an underlying ailment in the reproductive organs. This ailment gets reflected in the different symptoms that the woman experiences, such as excessive pain in the pelvic and vaginal region, discomfort in the body, unstable mental and emotional health, among others. Though a woman may dismiss these symptoms as part and parcel of a normal period, she needs to consider that persistent, uneasy symptoms are the signs of a growing underlying ailment which needs medical attention. Prolonging these systems would affect her reproductive system and her ability to bear children later.

Furthermore, a private gynaecologist is the best person to guide you when you become pregnant. Right from pregnancy advice and monitoring the development of your baby inside the womb to the healthy delivery of the baby — the gynaecologist does it all. So, you have to visit the gynaecologist regularly if you want to become pregnant and ensure that your baby is in good health and is born properly.

The gynaecologist plays multiple roles in a woman’s life — from a doctor to a guardian to the best advisor. Therefore, a visit to a gynaecologist should never be ignored if you want to maintain your good health and overall wellbeing.

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