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Importance Of Annual Well Woman Exam In Every Woman’s Life

Why do most gynaecologists insist on an annual Well Woman check?

Most women prefer to visit a private gynaecologist or a family doctor to undergo a periodic gynaecological examination. There are several examinations that a woman should undergo periodically to ensure good reproductive health. These could include a yearly pap smear test.

While most women are aware that they need periodic health checks, many still give it a miss for other important things in life. But do remember that a periodic examination is as important as the other activities that catch up with life. The Well Woman check in London keeps you any unwanted ailments at bay. Plus, it will diagnose any underlying condition in its early stages, which will help you receive early treatment and can ensure a holistic recovery from the ailment.

Moreover, the illness and other symptoms that women commonly experience are due to these underlying conditions. These symptoms usually occur when the ailment has advanced to a greater stage, where treatment becomes less effective and time-consuming. Remember that preventive care is better than treatment.

So, let us check out the different kinds of Well Woman health check-up that women should undergo annually.


HPV or Human papillomavirus is the most prevalent form of the sexually transmitted virus in the globe. Researchers believe that approximately 25% of the world population carries some strain of this virus. The HPV virus is of many different types, and every variant differs in their symptoms and effects. Most individuals never exhibit any symptoms or signs of the virus, and therefore they remain unaware that they may be a carrier. However, some strains of this virus do get transmitted at the time of sexual intercourse. And this virus, if left unchecked, can significantly increase the chances of acquiring cervical cancer.

When you visit the private gynaecologist for a Well Woman health check-up, they will check for the presence of the HPV virus.

Cervical cancer

More and more women are getting cervical cancer. Doctors say that lifestyle changes, improper genital hygiene, and other additional problems are the major reasons for the increasing numbers. Moreover, it is hard to detect cervical cancer in its early stages without a proper pap smear examination. Usually, the general symptoms of unwanted discharge or heavy bleeding take time to manifest cancerous results.

However, it is said that cervical cancer could be avoidable by undergoing regular checks and maintaining proper hygiene of the sexual organs. An annual pap smear test allows your private gynaecologist to discover the precancerous cells, if any, by checking and counting the smears. An annual check helps to easily detect the abnormality. It ensures early access to treatment and proper and holistic recovery. It is for this reason that doctors recommend women to undergo a comprehensive pelvic examination once every year after they achieve 21 years of age and after they become sexually active.

Breast cancer

We don’t mean to scare you, but unfortunately, this cancer is one of the most fatal forms of cancer among women in developed countries. You need not worry as early detection can greatly increase the chances of getting cured of the disease altogether. An annual Well Woman check in London will help you detect the ailment early and seek early treatment.

Most women in the age group of 50 to 74 years suffer from this critical condition. It has been observed that approximately one woman in every five women is at the risk of getting breast cancer, as she ages. Therefore, women should undergo periodic check-ups for breast cancer.

A private gynaecologist will generally check for any lumps, rashes or any other indicators that could be the telltale signs of breast cancer. Doctors also recommend self-checks at home which women can easily perform to check the health of their breasts.

The annual Well Woman check is a comprehensive evaluation of your overall health and wellbeing. The private gynaecologist will ask you many questions to better understand your symptoms and your medical history. This way, you will truly be able to understand your condition and allow yourself to seek better treatment. These annual examinations would be a revelation for you, as you will come to so many unknown facts about your body and health that you would be compelled to keep yourself in good health.

If you are searching for an expert private gynaecologist, then you must visit the Well Women Clinic today.

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