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Everything That One Must Know About Abortion

Abortion is a very safe procedure, but also one of the most debated one. It is also one of the most contested topics of discussion all over the world. Here are some essential facts about abortion by doctors from a London gynaecology clinic that you should know.

Essential Facts About Abortion That You Should Know

1. Abortion is quite common contrary to popular belief

A lot of stigmas is associated with abortion. People don’t generally feel comfortable talking about abortion. There is also a myth associated with abortion that lower and middle classes people are the ones who go typically for abortion. This is just a myth, and abortion has nothing to do with the race and class of women. Private medical abortion in London is one of the best choices of women in London.

2. It is improbable that you will die from abortion

If carried out by professionals, little or no risk is associated with abortions. In fact, data and studies that childbirth is more deadly than abortions. The risk of dying due to abortions is more if the woman is pregnant for a long time. If performed during the first trimester, abortions are pretty safe, and private abortion in London clinics also back this. Abortions also do not affect a woman’s fertility. Abortions have become so safe with the introduction of advanced technologies that they cause no risk to a woman’s life.

3. People who choose abortions do not regret their decisions

Most of the people who decide abortions do not regret their decision later. People generally feel relieved after successful abortions. Although many women find it difficult to take this decision, they are happy with their choice then. While guilt and sadness are the universal emotions women have after abortions, it doesn’t interfere with their decision to get the abortion done.

4. Abortions don’t mean that you are irresponsible

It is generally believed that couples who are reckless with birth control measures end up getting unwanted pregnancy and then decide to get it terminated. To be correct, it is not always about being irresponsible but more about your choice to deliver a baby or not. Choosing abortion is considered to be one of the most responsible things a woman can do because she takes control of her body.

5. Abortion is not an alternative to birth control

Not many women think of abortion as birth control. It is not that women do not have safe sex because they know that they always have the option of abortion. Abortions have never been easy for women. They have to go through a lot of emotional and physical and trauma when they decide to get the abortion done.

6. Abortion is legal, but there are many restrictions in place

Abortion is legal in many countries, but still, many restrictions restrict women to get it done. This is to ensure that people do not take undue advantage of it.

Women consider it to be one of their fundamental rights, and governments all over the world are making an effort to make it legal.

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