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For most women, periods can be a tiring phase of the month. Further, if they suffer from heavy bleeding during periods, then the ordeal is not just painful, it becomes stressful as well. In medical terms, heavy painful periods are called ‘Menorrhagia’, wherein a woman experiences prolonged or abnormally heavy menstrual bleeding, sometimes, with clots as well.

The common symptoms of Menorrhagia include needing to change your tampon/sanitary pad every 2 hours, feeling extreme tiredness, and formation of clots in the menstrual blood. During periods, if you experience too many cramps or a lot of blood loss that disrupts your daily routine, then you should consult a private gynaecologist and seek their advice.

The great news is that Menorrhagia can be successfully treated if the actual cause of heavy bleeding is determined. Today, let us discuss the various natural remedies and methods of period pain treatment.

Natural Home Remedies & Treatment Available For Heavy Periods

Natural Remedies For Heavy Painful Periods

Treatment For period pain treatment

After trying these natural remedies, if you’re still experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding, then you may need to look at medical treatments. Some options of period cramp relief include:

These natural remedies and treatments have proven effective in solving the problem of heavy periods in women. You can certainly try the natural methods at home for better results. However, for medical treatment, you must consult a specialist to seek advice on the best option for heavy menstruation.

If you are searching for an expert private gynaecologist to treat your problem of heavy painful periods or other menstrual issues, visit us now.

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