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Things To Know About Vaginal Discharge: Types, Causes & Care

Vaginal discharge is a normal function of the body. It is the self-cleaning mechanism of the vagina, wherein it cleans itself and keeps itself lubricated. Sometimes, vaginal discharge can also be a symptom of an underlying condition or an infection, particularly when it leaves out a foul odour or is very smelly. It could lead […]

Common Causes And Treatment For Vaginal Swelling

There are different reasons for vaginal swelling, and each cause has a different method of vaginal swelling treatment. In most cases, vaginal swelling is often followed by vaginal itching and vaginal pain. So, let us check out the different causes and the corresponding method for vaginal itching treatment and vaginal pain treatment. Irritation caused due […]

7 Causes of Itchy Vagina That You Should Be Aware Of

Itching causes extreme discomfort regardless of its location in the body. But when it occurs in our private and sensitive areas, such as the vulva and the vagina, it can feel uncomfortable and irritating. Sometimes, the need to itch is so overwhelming that it forces us to shift our attention from the important tasks at […]

Problems That Every Woman Must Be Aware realted to Vagina

A woman’s reproductive system is a unique system, designed by nature. It has the power to give birth, to provide an offspring to humankind. Technically, this system is a web of complex functions that are managed precisely by the hormones. Thus, hormonal balance is extremely important to ensure the smooth functioning of the system. A […]