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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You are on cloud 9. And, everyone in our family is ecstatic on hearing this news. The initial few months are when you need to be most careful about your health. You are contemplating the idea of doing a scan to make sure everything is alright. Most women prefer to wait until they reach the required phase for the nuchal scan. However, there are very good reasons why you should consider doing an early pregnancy scan in London.

Let us find out the key merits of an early scan.

Early pregnancy scan

An early pregnancy scan is an ultrasound that is performed on pregnant women before their first regular or nuchal scan is performed after approx. 12 weeks. You can take the help of your nearest private ultrasound service to undergo an early pregnancy scan in London.

The perfect time to opt for an early pregnancy scan is within the first 7 to 11 weeks. At the 7-week mark, it becomes possible to examine your baby by simply doing the abdominal scan. Hence, there is no requirement for internal scans during this period. In a few rare cases, an early pregnancy scan may become necessary for various medical reasons. Such scans are conducted trans-vaginally.

Benefits of an early pregnancy scan

Your obstetrician or private gynaecologist may recommend an early pregnancy scan for various medical reasons. However, you can opt for an early pregnancy scan for non-medical reasons too as it has various benefits and gives you a positive chance to be sure that everything is normal with your pregnancy. The merits of pregnancy include:

When not to do an early scan

Though ultrasounds are a secure and safe procedure during pregnancy, and it is safe and appropriate to undergo an early pregnancy scan, there are still certain reasons where you should not do an early pregnancy scan in London. Most of these reasons are non-medical. They have got to do with your physical and mental health, such as:

These are some of the key benefits of an early pregnancy scan in London. You should undergo an early pregnancy scan to ensure that all is fine with your pregnancy and your baby. Plus, it is a safe procedure so you will not need to worry about causing harm to yours or your baby’s health.

If you are searching for a private gynaecologist to do an early pregnancy scan in London, then you must visit the Well Women Clinic today.

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