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So, perhaps your doctor prescribed you a medication and you’ve suddenly begun itching below and then you notice you need vaginal itching treatment. Sex has perhaps become annoying, if not painful. Perhaps you’ve started to leak whenever you laugh, sneeze, or even cough. Several women would prefer disregarding these signs or assuming that they must continue living with it and then consult with a specialist. Your genital health, on the other hand, is simply that: your wellbeing.

A vaginal leakage might be the result of a condition that affects other sexual organs instead of the vagina. A leak can be caused by STDs such as chlamydial infection or gonorrhoea. These bacterias can move from the vagina to the cervix and the uterus, resulting in pelvic inflammatory disease. A vaginal discharge can be caused by genital herpes, which can produce blisters on the vulva and on the cervix. You need a vaginal swelling treatment and vaginal itching treatment to feel better. Here are 5 kinds of vaginal diseases that can make your life difficult:

In case any of such problems go untreated, they might have a negative impact on your standard of life. A healthy vagina protects not just your sexual experience but also takes care of your comfort and ovulation. So, safeguard yourself. Make an appointment with Well women clinic today!

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