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If you’re a first-time mother, you’re probably dealing with morning sickness, excitement and curiosity at the same time. Even when you’re having a second baby, you’re handling the same emotions all over again. Pregnancy is a life-changing, beautiful learning experience. You’re suddenly dealing with all kinds of body pain, which wasn’t always the case with your menstrual cycle. Though your body is used to the cramping and bleeding once a month along with the hormonal changes that it brings, pregnancy causes progesterone and oestrogen to flood throughout the body.

Physical changes, mood swings and weight gain are only some of the changes pregnant women face. In these cases, they are often confused and frightened about these changes. The pain associated is another source of alarm, which is why they must talk to a London gynaecology clinic. Once you visit a gynaecologist in London, you’ll be diagnosed and treated for the condition.

If you have symphysis pubis dysfunction, you experience pain and your pelvis could get misaligned. The pelvic floor fails to support the organs and pelvic parts, and it commonly occurs towards the end. Once you give birth, the pelvic floor slowly returns into shape. If the pregnancy pain is due to medical reasons, consider a private abortion in London.

For further diagnosis and treatment, you can visit an abortion clinic in London. If you’re looking for a private gynaecology clinic in London, please contact us at Well Women Clinic.

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